Permits & licences

We're pretty easy going here in Porirua City but there are a few things you'll need licences and permits for.


Drones are becoming more popular, but make sure you obtain a permit when flying over Council land.

Lighting an outdoor fire

If you want to light an outdoor fire, check if you need a fire permit.

Alcohol licensing

Kāti before you serve a drink! If you're planning to sell or supply alcohol to the public, you need a licence.

Food safety

Food stall sellers don't need a licence, but registered food businesses do need one. Find out what you need to do to keep your customers safe.

Busking & street entertainment

Porirua City has talent! Buskers we want to see and hear your skills, but first get in touch for a permit.

Amusement devices

Merry-go rounds, jet skis, parasails, and mini bikes are great fun but you'll need a permit to operate one, whether it’s on public or private property.

Apply to close a road

If you are organising an event, or planning some work that requires a road to be closed temporarily, please apply for a permit first.

Working in the road corridor

If your building project involves works in the road corridor there are a few things to consider before starting out.

Overweight vehicles

If you're driving an overweight or oversized vehicles, please watch out for our roads and bridges. Some are off limits.

Boatsheds & pole moorings

Porirua City has some iconic boat sheds across Titahi Bay, Camborne, Paremata, and Onepoto. Here we detail the rates and licenses that apply to each area.

Registering your business

Hairdressers, funeral homes and campgrounds require registration. If you are planning to start or buy a new business please apply for your certificate.

Hazardous substance businesses

If you're setting up or buying a business that deals with hazardous substances please talk to us about resource consents and licensing first.

Trade waste consents

If your business drains oil, grease or other liquid waste into the sewer, you may need to apply for a trade waste consent.

Street appeals

If you wish to do a street appeal in Porirua City, you need to apply to us for a permit.

Outdoor Dining

You'll need a permit if you want a space for people to eat outside your premises

Displaying Goods For Sale

There are rules around how you can display goods for sale in a public place