Busking & street entertainment

Porirua City has talent! Buskers we want to see and hear your skills, but first get in touch for a permit.

How to apply for a permit

If you wish to do busking or provide street entertainment in Porirua City, you need to apply to us for a permit.

We'll check our events calendar to see if the proposed performance date, time and place are available.

If we already have bookings for that time or place, we'll talk to you about other options.

You may need to provide proof of identity and/or address, and do an audition.

Hard copy application

Bring your completed application form to our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, or email to [email protected].


There's no fee for this permit.

Electricity connections

NO power connection is available in the central business district around Cobham Court. You’ll need to make your own arrangements.

Conditions for busking

You must have a reasonable standard of talent, proficiency and presentation.

You can use a portable stage, stands, props, furniture, lighting or other equipment if they are:

  • professionally designed and built
  • safe for their intended use and don’t pose any danger to the public 
  • removed from the site after your performance has finished.

Your entertainment cannot:

  • make it difficult to access nearby shops, businesses or premises
  • make excessive noise that is intrusive to others.

Read about using public spaces in Porirua City.

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