Apply to close a road

If you are organising an event that requires a road to be closed temporarily, you will need to apply for a permit and a corridor access request first.

Requirements to temporarily close a road are:

Council staff do not have legal authority to approve closures for public events. Under the Local Government Act 1974 only the elected Council or a council committee can approve the closure. It is not possible to ‘fast track’ a late or urgent application.

Applications must be made at least 90 days before the event to satisfy legislative requirements and to give time for the application to be considered and discussed. If that 90 days includes the summer holiday months (December and January), or October during a local government election year, applications must be made at least 120 days before the event date as committee meetings are less frequent during these times.

Applications must generally include:

  • Which roads will be closed, including a map
  • The reason(s) for the road closure
  • Date and time of road closure(s)
  • Contact person on the date of the road closure
  • The plan for notifying the affected parties
  • Efforts made to mitigate adverse effects
  • If the event will be cancelled due to weather and when that decision will be made

You can download the Road Closure Application form below. Send the form to

Once the road closure application is underway you will also need to apply for a Corridor Access Request. You will need to source a traffic management company with a qualified TTM planner to prepare the Corridor Access Request. Qualified traffic management companies and information for submitting a Corridor Access Request can be found on the Working in the Road Corridor page.

We may also need to approve the format, size, location and quantity of signs before they are manufactured and erected. Signage requirements will vary depending on the impact and size of the event. Information relating to signs must be included in the Corridor Access Request.

Application process

Apply for a non-excavation request through

Download the Apply to Close a Road Application Form here