Apply to close a road

If you are organising an event, or planning some work that requires a road to be closed temporarily, please apply for a permit first.

You need a permit to close a road or part of a road:

  • for an event
  • to carry out roadworks

You don’t need a permit to close some, but not all, traffic lanes on a road.

When can I close the road?

You can only close a road when you have received from us:

  • your approved permit for a temporary road closure
  • your approved traffic management plan 
  • confirmation that you have met all conditions of the approval. 

You can only close the road on the dates and times specified and in the way the permit specifies.

Application process

Apply for a non-excavation request through

Processing time

We must receive your application to close a road at least 90 days before the date you want to close it.