Boatsheds & pole moorings

Porirua City has some iconic boat sheds across Titahi Bay, Camborne, Paremata, and Onepoto. Here we detail the rates and licenses that apply to each area.

Titahi Bay boatsheds

If you own a boatshed in Titahi Bay, you’ll need a licence from us to occupy the land it’s on. These boatsheds are at the northern launch site, and South Beach.

Camborne, Paremata and Onepoto boatsheds

The boatsheds at Camborne, Paremata and Onepoto are managed by the Greater Wellington Regional Council.  We charge only water rates and will send you an invoice if your boatshed has water connected, payable in July. 

Pole moorings

The pole moorings at Onepoto are managed by John Mckenzie: phone

027 753 453.2  

We’ll invoice you for the pole mooring fee each quarter.

All fees apply from 1 August 2023 and include GST.

Annual boatshed land licence $1,204.00
Boatshed Licence Establishment Fee $258.00
Water Connection Charges (for three years) $68.00
Pole mooring - fee per quarter $204.00
Annual boatshed land licence $1,204.00