Drones are becoming more popular, but make sure you obtain a permit when flying over Council land.

Apply to us for a permit

You need a permit to operate a radio controlled flying machine ("drone") over Council land.

We have a few conditions you need to comply with:

  • keep away from flying overhead large crowds;
  • don't cause a nuisance to other park and reserve users;
  • don't photograph children in children’s playgrounds or playing sport;
  • comply with CAA rules, our city bylaws and our Reserve Management Plan rules;
  • report any damage you cause to us on phone (04) 237 5089. 

When approved and authorised, we will issue a permit which must be available for inspection when requested by a Council Officer or a member of public.

Apply online

Please complete all mandatory fields with a

Describe aircraft including wing span, propulsion source and weight
Describe size, propulsion source, weight and if camera fitted
By submitting this application, I agree to comply with Civil Aviation Authority rules, Porirua City Bylaws and Reserve Management Plan rules.

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