Displaying Goods For Sale

There are rules around how you can display goods for sale in a public place

A permit is required for all businesses that display goods for sale in a public place. This includes displaying goods for the operation of temporary stalls.

All permit conditions must be adhered to at all times. Non-compliance may result in the permit being revoked and seizure of the offending property.

These conditions are to ensure that pedestrian access and public safety is not compromised.

You will also have to complete and return the Application Form for displaying goods for sale, the fee for which is $108.  

Your outdoor display must:

  • Be located immediately up against the front wall of the business premises, and;
  • Not protrude further than 1.5 metres out onto the public place from the property frontage. A minimum of 1.5 metre footpath clearance is required at all times between the display and the kerb. If any objects such as trees or bins are within that 1.5 metres then the display must be altered to maintain the clearance of 1.5 metres, and;
  • Not exceed 50% of the total width of the premise frontage in size, and;
  • Comply with fire regulations. Access or egress from the premises cannot be obstructed
  • Have a minimum of 0.5 metres of clearance between the display and the adjoining property's entrance, and;
  • Be removed from the public area at the close of business each day, and;
  • Be of a professional standard and be of a safe and robust construction. No sharp edges or protruding objects that could injure the public, and;
  • Be presented in a neat and tidy manner, free from litter and objects that could fall or be blown into the path of pedestrians or traffic, and;
  • Be relevant to the goods or services sold within the shop, and;
  • Not be within five metres of an intersection or two metres of a pedestrian crossing, and;
  • Not be a point of sale, all items must be purchased inside the premises, and;
  • Not use voice, music, amplified sound or any other material to attract customers, and;
  • Not include display of knives, firearms, dangerous/offensive objects, hazardous substance or any other thing that may endanger the safety of a person, and;
  • Not include anything of an obscene, indecent or offensive nature or anything likely to cause offence to or bring any person, culture, religion or organisation into disrepute or ridicule.