Our bylaws help keep our community safe and our people healthy.

Porirua City bylaws

We have the legal power to make bylaws and schedules for Porirua City to keep our local community safe and our people healthy.

We make bylaws and schedules and any changes to them by consulting the community and giving them the opportunity to consider and respond to proposals.  This process is also used to review our bylaws every five years, to make sure they remain current and relevant to Porirua City.

You can check our Public Consultation pages to see if any bylaws are currently being consulted on.

Find out more about the Local Government Act 2002 requirements for councils:

Current bylaws

Our current regulatory bylaw, the Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991, consolidates the original 1991 bylaws and any bylaws that have been deleted, amended or added since 1991.

Alcohol Control in Public Places

The Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018 imposes the following prohibitions on the drinking, possession and carriage of alcohol:

Between 5pm on one day and 7am the following day on all days of the week in the following places:

At all times on all days of the week in:

Police enforce the bylaw using special powers under Sections 169 and 170 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Changes to bylaws

To view any proposed new or amendments to existing bylaws, check our Public Consultation pages.

Our new Dog Control Policy and Bylaw is effective from 21 September 2017.

Our Keeping of Animals Bylaw was updated on 24 May 2018.

Our Alcohol Control Bylaw was updated on 21 November 2018 and is effective from 19 December 2018.