Policies are our principles, rules and guidelines (we have our codes here too.) They cover all areas of our work from dogs to psychoactive substances and land development.

You can download copies of our policies, or come into our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, to pick up a printed copy.

Dog control

Our Dog Control policy became effective on 14 April 2021 after public consultation on a range of issues.  

We produce annual reports with statistics and other information showing how we’re performing our functions under the Dog Control Act 1996 and Dog Control Policy 2021.

Dangerous, Affected and Insanitary Buildings Policy 2020

Under section 131 of the Building Act 2004 all Territorial Local Authorities (TLA’s) are required to adopt a policy on its intended performance of statutory functions in relation to dangerous, affected and insanitary buildings and to review this policy at least every 5 years.

Final Dangerous, Affected and Insanitary Building Policy

Litter Infringement Policy

Our Litter Infringement Policy became effective on 11 December, 2019.   The purpose of the policy is to keep Porirua tidy and free from illegal dumping.  The policy enables Council officers to issue infringement notices between $100 and $400, depending on the type and amount of litter.  For more detail:

Final Litter Infringement Policy 2019 (66.5KB)

Gaming machines and TAB venues

Our policy for gaming machines and TAB venues comes under the Gambling Act 2003 and Racing Act 2003 and controls the location of new class 4 (non-casino gaming machines or pokies) gambling venues and stand-alone New Zealand Racing Board venues (formerly known as TAB venues). The Racing Act controls the use of premises for TAB.

The policy doesn’t cover any gaming machines or TAB venues licensed on or before 17 October 2001, unless the venue licence has not been held for the site for more than six months. The policy doesn’t cover casinos.

This policy is reviewed every three years. 

Our revised Class 4 Gaming Machines and TAB Venues Policy was adopted by the Council at its meeting of 21 August 2019 and becomes operative from that date.  There have been some major changes to our Policy and a summary of these changes are as follows:

A sinking lid will be applied to the new Class 4 Gaming Machines and TAB Venues Policy.  This means:

  • Council will not consent for new Class 4 Gaming Machines and TAB Venues to be established; and
  • Existing Class 4 Gaming Machines and TAB Venues will not be given consent to operate more gaming machines.
  • TAB Venues can only be established in the City Centre and Industrial Zone as defined in the Porirua City District Plan.
  • Existing Class 4 gambling venues may relocate to the City Centre  or the Industrial Zones as defined under the Porirua District Plan and Tenancy 7, 69 A Discovery Drive, Whitby, Porirua, also known as ‘The Co-Op Kitchen and Bar’.
  • An application for consent to relocate may only be made with the agreement of the operator of the current venue.  The venue that previously held a venue licence will be treated as if no class 4 venue licence had ever been held by any gaming society for that venue.  In other words, it will be treated as a new venue and Council will not grant consent for the establishment of a class 4 gaming machine and TAB venue in accordance with our sinking lid policy.

Code of Development Standards

The operative subdivision and development standards are set out in the Code of Land Development and Subdivision Engineering 2010, which integrates with and complements the Operative Porirua District Plan.

Local Alcohol Policy

In 2013, Porirua City Council agreed to develop a Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act).

A LAP is a policy on the licensing of premises for the sale and supply of alcohol and can have provisions such as how many and where licensed premises can be located and trading hours. The District Licensing Committee and ARLA must consider the policy when making decisions on licence applications or renewals.

A provisional LAP was adopted by the Council on 10 December 2014. Hearings and appeals followed and were managed over the next two years. The Council accepted changes to the PLAP on 25 May 2016 and it was resubmitted to ARLA.

The LAP was adopted by the decision of ARLA issued on 30 June 2017 and ceased to be provisional. The LAP provisions, other than those relating to trading hours and one-way restrictions, come into force on 26 October 2017. The provisions relating to trading hours and one-way restrictions come into force on 26 January 2018.

Smokefree Outdoor Public Places Policy

Our Smokefree Outdoor Public Places Policy was adopted by Council on 26 June 2019. This policy extends the number of public places that are Smokefree and Vapefree in Porirua.  

The Policy seeks to denormalise smoking/vaping for children and young people by reducing its visibility in public places. It is an educative policy and will not be enforced by fines.

Psychoactive substances

The Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 puts substantial controls around who can sell, supply and purchase approved products. Porirua City’s policy restricts retail premises selling psychoactive substances to an area including: Hagley Street (northern end), part of Cobham Court, and Kilkerran Place. 

If you wish to import, research, sell or manufacture psychoactive substances, you need to apply for a licence from the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority

Rates remission and postponement

This combined policy for cancelling and postponing rates under various circumstances and for different groups must be reviewed every six years. 

Regional standard for water services

This document was developed to consolidate the existing codes of practice for water services for Porirua City, Hutt City, Upper Hutt City and Wellington City in order to provide a regionally consistent method of design and implementation of water services across the Wellington region.

Regional specification for water services

The document is intended to be read in conjunction with the Regional Standard for Water Services and Council’s codes of practice for development. The specification relates to infrastructure for stormwater, wastewater and water supply networks within the Porirua City. It provides technical guidance for materials, construction and design.

Revenue and finance

This policy sets out the criteria we use to allocate available funds to activity costs and is usually reviewed alongside the Long-term Plan every three years or an Annual Plan if needed. 

Significance and engagement

This policy sets out the criteria and process we follow to work out:

  • the significance of an issue or decision
  • how we will engage on decisions and other matters
  • which assets are strategic. 

This policy was updated December 2020.  It will be reviewed again in three years' time.

Trees and vegetation

Our policy provides a consistent approach to managing all of the trees and vegetation on council-owned land. Read about how we look after Porirua City’s green infrastructure.