Development & Financial Contributions

Through our development and financial contributions policy, developers contribute to the infrastructure needed to support Porirua City’s growth.

Development contribution fees

You will usually have to pay development contributions for residential developments such as new houses and apartments, non-residential developments, subdivisions, and for some changes of land use.

We’ll work out the exact amount you need to pay when we assess your development for its building consent, resource consent or service connection.

The fees are calculated based on the number of household equivalent units (HEU) created by the development and the type and location of your development.

Search our Development Catchment Areas below on the interactive map.

Read our Development Contributions Policy.

Contact us

If you want to know more about development contributions please contact our Development Agreements team:

Phone (04) 237 1378

Email  [email protected]

We’ll help you get the information you need.

2021 Development contributions catchment areas interactive map

Ask for a reassessment

You can ask us to reconsider a development contribution assessment if you believe it was incorrect or based on incorrect information. You may also make a formal objection to an assessment or reconsideration of an assessment. Details of how to do this are in our Developments Contributions Policy above.