Parking & transport

Porirua City is a rare beauty in New Zealand – a city with free parking and great transport options.

Find a carpark

We have hundreds of free parks here in Porirua City. Park all day at the train station or shop till you drop for hours and enjoy free parking!

Paying parking fines

There are a few spots around the city with parking time restrictions – if you stay over time you may end up with a parking ticket.

Getting around Porirua

We have some great public transport here in Porirua City. You can get here by train and travel around the city by bus or taxi.

Electric vehicle charging

Low emission vehicles really are the way of the future. It's easy to power up your electric car in Porirua City with a charging station in the centre of town.

Streets & roads

We look after Porirua City’s roading network and make sure it is safe for people to use. We also manage traffic flows within the city and keep streets clean.

Street lights

Find out what to do if the streetlights are out in your area and who fixes them.

Road safety tips

We want you to keep safe when travelling during the summer season. Here's a few of our best tips for drivers.