Transport & parking

Porirua City has plenty of parking and great transport options.

Parking in Porirua

We have plenty of parking in Porirua, with different options for short or long stays. Paid parking is back in the central city from 6 March, 2023.

Maintaining Porirua’s roads & footpaths

Find out how we maintain our roads, footpaths and streetlights, and tell us what needs fixing.

Working in the Road Corridor

If you’re planning an activity or project within the road corridor then you’ll need to submit a Corridor Access Request (CAR)..

Road safety

Find out about Porirua City’s Road Safety Strategy, how we manage road safety requests and learn some road safety tips

Travelling and parking in Porirua City

We have plenty of parking and public transport in Porirua City. Find out how you can get here and travel around the city on public transport and bike, or find out about parking your vehicle.

Improving Porirua’s roads & footpaths

We're working to make Porirua's roads and footpaths safer and easier to use for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

Street lights

Find out what to do if the streetlights are out in your area and who fixes them.