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We're working to make our transport network safer and easier to use for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Learn about current roading projects, and tell us what needs fixing.

Current roading projects

Take a look at some of Porirua City's current roading projects.

Work is now complete on this upgrade the station accessway from Kenepuru Drive, to make it brighter, safer and more welcoming.

The work was completed in June 2020.

  • The image above shows work underway on road and pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Awatea St and Mungavin Ave in Ranui.

    Construction is now complete on road safety improvements for Awatea Street, as well as the two intersections at Arawhata Street / Awatea Street and Awatea Street / Mungavin Avenue. 

    The work, completed in June 2020, included:

    • The development of a raised courtesy crossing to improve the existing informal pedestrian crossing near the kindergarten on Awatea Street. This will make it safer for pedestrians, as well as reduce the speed of vehicles.
    • The upgrade of the intersection at Awatea/Arawhata Street to improve road and pedestrian safety
    • The upgrade of the intersection of Awatea Street/Mungavin Ave to improve road and pedestrian safety
  • In 2018, and again in November/December 2019, Porirua City Council consulted with residents on Awatea Street and surrounding streets on a range of road safety proposals to address known speeding issues.

    The feedback received prompted further modifications to the road safety improvements that have been implemented.

    Download the Awatea Street road safety improvements plans

    Speed Survey

    Speed surveys were undertaken during 2018 at two locations near the kindergarten and near the Arawhata Street/Awatea Street intersection. The data shows that 43% of traffic passing the kindergarten was travelling in excess of 50km/h, while at the Arawhata Street & Awatea Street intersection around 18% of vehicles were exceeding 50km/h. Crash data from Awatea Street over the past 10 years shows us that there have been;

    • 4 non-injury crashes on Awatea Street; and
    • 4 non-injury crashes on Arawhata Street, near the intersection with Awatea Street.

    If you’d like to know more about this project please contact Claire Giblin, Customer Liaison Manager – Transport, on email at

  • The project to rehabilitate this street has proven to be more challenging than expected following the discovery of substandard base material in some sections of the road. 

    A drainage upgrade was completed last year and work to start fixing the road revealed that the base material, about a metre below the road, is much softer than initial testing indicated.  

    This has required new treatment options to be designed to ensure these sections of the road have a good solid base to build on.  Those designs have now been done and construction is underway but is still proving to be challenging.

    If you have any questions about this project please contact Johannes Ferreira, Porirua City Council’s Maintenance Project Engineer on 021 955 170.

    Resident updates:

    Consultation closed 17 April 2020

    The intersection of James Cook Drive and Discovery Drive is being upgraded in preparation for the opening of Transmission Gully and the associated Whitby link road.

    Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the proposed upgrade options.

    We received 18 submissions:

    • 15 favoured Option 1 (The Roundabout).
    • 2 supported Option 2 (a T intersection with change of give way priority).
    • 1 supported the introduction of traffic lights, which was not a preferred option due to the cost and limited impact it would have on improving traffic flows.

    Detailed design work for Option 1 - The Roundabout will now go ahead, incorporating the feedback received from residents, and the results of a recently completed safety audit. These plans will be used to seek Council approvals and to enable costings to be developed in preparation for tendering and finally construction.

    The intention of this work is to future proof the intersection, so it can handle the expected increase in traffic following the opening of Transmission Gully plus future development growth around Whitby.  It will need to provide safe access for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, while managing travel times effectively.

    NZTA modelling estimates that 5000 vehicles are expected to use the intersection daily once Transmission Gully opens, up from around 4500 vehicles currently.  Further modelling suggests that by 2031 the number of vehicles using the intersection each day could rise to 6000.
    Just two non-injury crashes have been reported at or near the intersection in the past 10 years

    Anticipated timeline

    • Seek Council approvals (July/August 2020)
    • Project put out for tender (October/November)
    • Construction (December 2020)

    Option 1 - Roundabout (preferred option)

    Following the opening of Transmission Gully and the Whitby link road, traffic modelling has projected that a roundabout will operate well during the morning peak period with only minor delays during the evening peak period

    Looking forward to 2031 it is projected that a roundabout will operate well during peak periods with only minor delays expected on the James Cook Drive southern approach during the evening peak period. Early cost estimates for this project were between $250,000 and $300,000


    • Balances traffic flows evenly on all approaches during peak periods.
    • Reduces vehicle speeds
    • Safer pedestrian crossing facilities can be introduced
    • Performance beyond 2031 is acceptable
    • Safer for cyclists

    View the original concept plans


    Please find below answers to common questions that were asked by residents in feedback.

    Q. What are the forecasted traffic volumes using the intersection during morning and evening peak periods?

    A. Following the projected opening of Transmission Gully and the associated Whitby Link Road in 2021, it is estimated that around 500 vehicles will travel through the James Cook Drive/Discovery Drive intersection during the AM and PM peak hour periods. This number is projected to increase to 600 by 2031.These peak hour vehicles volumes represent 10% of the daily traffic volumes projected to be using the intersection in the future.  

    Q. Is it possible to introduce two lane approaches as part of the roundabout design to improve traffic flow at busy times?

    A. Intersection modelling demonstrates that a roundabout with single lane approaches will operate well and continue to do so to beyond 2031. It is crucial that the risk of crashes occurring at the intersection is reduced. This is achieved by encouraging reduced speeds on approach to the roundabout through a variety of design techniques. The introduction of two lane approaches makes it much harder to reduce speeds through design and does little to improve safety. It is also not warranted as vehicle delay and associated congestion are projected to be manageable with the existing proposed layout well into the future.

    Q. What consideration has been given to cyclists and pedestrians using the intersection?

    A. As covered briefly above, a key driver in upgrading this intersection is to better manage and improve safety for all road users. This will be achieved through a design that keeps speeds below 30km/h at the roundabout. This will reduce the risk for cyclists and allow them to share the road more safely with vehicle traffic. We will also look at using road markings to indicate to drivers that cyclists may be present at the intersection. The option for a bypass for cyclists will also be investigated. Crossing points for pedestrians will be provided on all approaches at a safe distance away from the roundabout. These crossings will feature central refuge islands and hold rails to allow pedestrians to cross the road in two goes, which is particularly important for the mobility impaired and elderly.

    Q. How will the side roads along James Cook Drive & Discovery Drive be affected following the intersection upgrade and the opening of Transmission Gully?

    A. It is anticipated that reducing vehicle speeds and balancing traffic flows at the roundabout will provide sufficient gaps in traffic flow to allow vehicles on the side roads to safely join the main traffic flow. The roundabout will be instrumental in improving traffic flows through the intersection, as it stands currently.

     If you have any questions, please contact Porirua City Council Customer Liaison Manager (Transport) Claire Giblin

    Parking and road safety changes around Paremata School

    A range of new parking restrictions have been introduced to improve road safety around Paremata School.

    The changes on Paremata Crescent and Station Road were developed in consultation with the school, local community and Paremata Residents Association.

    The aim is to ease parking congestion and create space for school children to be dropped off and picked up safely during the busy morning and afternoon periods. 

    The changes on Paremata Crescent include:

    • Creation of a P2 drop off and pick up zone directly outside Paremata School that operates from 8.30am to 9.15am and 2.45pm to 3.30pm (school days only) 
    • Extending the yellow no-parking lines either side of the pedestrian crossing on Paremata Cres opposite Paremata School to improve visibility,
    • Prohibiting all parking directly opposite the school from 8.30am to 9am and 2.30pm to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

    The changes on Station Road include:

    • Extending the short-term parking times in the cul-de-sac to 10 minutes to allow parents longer to park while dropping and picking up school children.  These are now 8.30am-9am and 2.45pm to 3.30pm.
    • Creating perpendicular parks at the end of the cul-de-sac to create more parking spaces.
    • Extending the yellow no-parking lines around the cul-de-sac to ensure there is ample space for turning and parking vehicles.

     Take a look at the plans for:

     New parking restrictions for the business area of Paremata Crescent and Papakowhai Road

    New parking restrictions have also been introduced through this busy section of Paremata Cres and Papakowhai Road in response to concerns about congestion, and all-day commuter parking restricting parking access.

     These changes include:

    • The creation of a P60 zone adjacent to businesses on Paremata Cres that operates Monday to Friday 8-6pm. This is aimed at preventing commuters parking all day to free the space up for visitors to the local businesses and residences
    • The creation of a P5 loading zone outside the business at 5 Paremata Crescent.
    • Extending the yellow no-parking lines along Papakowhai Cres to Brora Cres to improve traffic flow and safety through this narrow section of road.

     Take a look at the plans for Paremata Crescent

    Kenepuru Drive and surrounding streets

    Find out more about this project to improve traffic flows along Kenepuru Drive and surrounding streets, plus read the latest updates on our dedicated Kenepuru Corridor webpage

    Please fix it

    Help us keep our streets and roads safe. If you see a pothole, damage or hazards on a road, whether it is in your area or another part of the city, report it to us and we’ll take care of it. 

    There are a number of ways to report something that needs fixing:

    • phone us on (04) 237 5089
    • fill in and submit the form below
    • use Antenno (a free mobile app you can use to tell us about something that needs fixing or report something directly to us. Once you've downloaded the app, just go to the new 'Your reports' menu, and add a report to tell us about it). Read more about Antenno

    What is Porirua City’s roading network?

    Our road network covers 295 kilometres of sealed roads, 23 bridges, five footbridges, almost 400 kilometres of kerb and channel, four kilometres of culverts, 44,500 traffic signs, three sets of traffic signals and 14 car parking lots.

    We monitor all construction and repair works on the city’s roads by other council's, utilities companies, contractors and the public. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) manages State Highway 1 running north-south through the middle of the city and State Highway 58, which runs east-west and connects State Highway 1 with the Hutt Valley.

    Procurement Strategy for Transport

    Porirua is experiencing and planning for additional considerable growth. Annual residential growth is over twice the historical average, and there are major investments in the region such as the Eastern Porirua Regeneration Project, Porirua Adventure Park, Kenepuru Landing, Plimmerton Farms etc. 

    This growth, and the completion of major projects such as Transmission Gully will increase the pressure on our roading and transport network.  

    Porirua City Council (Council) has undertaken significant long-term planning with a Growth Strategy 2018 to 2048 and a Long-Term Infrastructure Strategy 2018 to 2038. 

    To accompany these and Council’s other planning initiatives, this procurement strategy outlines how Council will plan and procure the delivery of projects and services to support the transport network. 

    Download the NZTA / Porirua City Council Procurement Strategy for Roading and Transport activities