Kenepuru Corridor

Our city is growing and we have a number of projects planned to improve Kenepuru Drive and surrounding roads.


Porirua City is growing and we're preparing for this with a number of planned projects to improve Kenepuru Drive and its surrounding roads.

We are working with a range of local and national stakeholders to make improvements to the Kenepuru Corridor in preparation for traffic flow changes and increases as a result of Porirua's growth, Transmission Gully, the proposed Porirua Adventure Park, Kenepuru Landing development, the Summerset Retirement Village and more.

Find out all about the project, its timelines and how to keep track on progress as it develops.

Project updates

We're underway on several projects in the area – click here for the latest updates. 

Kenepuru Corridor project updates

Kenepuru Corridor Map
Kenepuru Corridor Overview


19,000 to 20,000 vehicles per day based on a mid-week survey at two locations in April 2018.

Yes, modelling predicts that traffic volumes will decrease slightly on the northern section of Kenepuru Drive, and will increase by approximately 4000 vehicles per day (20% increase) on the southern section of Kenepuru Drive.

Yes. This traffic will be over and above the increases from the opening of Transmission Gully.

Yes, traffic surveys have been scheduled annually, from April 2019 at the same locations as the 2018 baseline surveys, and at a number of other locations including Prosser and Raiha Streets.

Yes, it is expected that average speeds will not change significantly on the northern section of Kenepuru Drive, and reduce slightly on the southern section of Kenepuru Drive below the current average speeds of around 40 km/h between 8am and 6pm. 

This manoeuvre will become more challenging with increased traffic volumes. Future concept designs will take this into account.

Kenepuru Drive has not been identified as one of the nation’s high risk urban corridors. Increased traffic will have a potential impact, so safety is a key consideration in all design solutions. 

There have been 36 reported crashes including one fatal and eight minor injury crashes along Kenepuru Drive, excluding Titahi Bay Road roundabout, in the period 2014 to 18. 

The majority of the crashes have happened on the southern section of Kenepuru Drive.

Yes, all transport modes are being considered which is why we have adopted a corridor approach that includes the Te Ara Tawa shared path. 

Our newly developed Growth Strategy includes the principle to be a connected and active city with a range of safe and effective transport options, including private vehicles, walking, cycling and access to public transport.

Yes, funding has been allocated in 2018/19 and 2019/20 for:

  • Kenepuru Drive/Lower Main Drive (with development contributions) and Kenepuru Drive/Raiha Street intersections.
  • The crossing point west of Bluff Road.
  • The shared path between Kenepuru Station and the crossing point west of Bluff Road.
  • Any major additional funding would be subject to the Long-term Plan process.

We are currently monitoring the situation.

We will consider the future of parking as the safety of all road users is a key consideration when developing concept designs.

Not currently. An option such as this would have to be carefully considered in the wider context of Kenepuru Drive and the potential safety risks associated with four-lane arterial roads.

Our focus will shift to this area once substantial progress has been made on the plan for the Kenepuru Corridor.

We expect to adopt a similar or improved process based on the Kenepuru Corridor project.

The projects are at different stages, but the goal is to have work completed before the opening of Transmission Gully.

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