Playground upgrades

We aim to create play spaces that are accessible, fun, varied and cater for a wide range of abilities. Our goal is to design interesting play spaces that meet the needs of both children and their caregivers.

Playground upgrade news

In the current financial year, Council are renewing two play spaces, at the Browns Bay Reserve and Bodmin Terrace Reserve. Below are our recommended designs, both of which have been created to the maximum available budget. 

We would like to hear your recommendations about what each playground should include, however any additional equipment requested by you during the public consultation process can only be added if an existing element of the proposed design is removed. 

Council is also committed to improving the accessibility of our play spaces for the whole community, by ensuring there are connecting paths to each site. They will also each include seating with arms and a back and items of sensory play, incorporating touch and sound.  

Brown's Bay Reserve

Browns Bay

Bodmin Terrace Reserve

Bodmin Terrace

Our recommended designs are for the playgrounds to include a combination of:

  • Swings 
  • An in-ground carousel/group spinner
  • A rope bridge
  • A slide unit
  • Talking tubes

How to have your say

You can tell us what you think about our recommendations for both play spaces by posting your feedback in special postboxes in both parks, by emailing, or by calling us on 04 237 5089.

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