Papakōwhai path and intersection upgrade

Papakōwhai Road shared path & Whitford Brown Avenue intersection upgrade

We’re connecting schools, parks and public transport with a new shared path along Papakōwhai Road and making it safer for all with an intersection upgrade at Whitford Brown Avenue.

All going well, we are planning to start construction in November 2023.


A big thank you to everyone who dropped in to our information & feedback session for these projects.

About 60 people attended the evening session at Papakōwhai School on 19 September.

We received a lot of valuable information and comments.

On this page: you'll find information about:

  • A new shared path along Papakōwhai Road
  • Whitford Brown Avenue intersection upgrade

Check out our aerial video showing how the Whitford Brown Avenue intersection and Papakōwhai Road area currently look.

A new shared pathway along Papakōwhai Road

A new shared pathway is planned along the eastern side of Papakōwhai Road to improve the connection between key locations including Aotea College, Aotea Lagoon, Paremata School and Paremata Railway Station. It will also form part of the Te Araroa Trail and tie in with a planned upgrade of the Papakōwhai Road and Whitford Brown Avenue intersection.

This shared path supports the Council's objectives to reduce emissions and focus on moving towards a more climate-resilient way of life.

It is fully funded by the Government’s Transport Choices fund (led by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency).

The Transport Choices fund is about making changes to streets and the way people use them. This is to enable people to take alternative modes of transport for their activities or commute (i.e. embrace walking, cycling or public transport as a means of travel).

View a plan of the shared pathway works

View an overview poster of the shared pathway project

View an overview poster of the pump track for Aotea Lagoon

This project is about more than just a shared pathway, it’s about making a safer, more attractive environment for all. Key features include:

  • A 3.5m wide shared path where possible
  • Reduced speed due to raised tables and safer crossing points
  • Better lighting
  • Complementary services to promote active travel in the community especially for children. This includes a proposed pump track at Aotea lagoon. A pump track is a continuous loop of mounds and corners that you ride without pedalling. The Aotea Lagoon pump track has been designed so it can be moved around the Wellington region in the future.
  • Parking on Papakōwhai Road by the southern overbridge to Paremata Railway Station will be moved back approximately 80 metres to allow for narrowing the road and widening the shared path on the eastern side.

We are aiming to start construction in November 2023 with work scheduled for completion by winter 2024.

This project does have a tight timeframe for construction so will be delivered in sections with the potential for some work to be completed later in a subsequent funding round.

Whitford Brown Avenue intersection upgrade

Intersection improvements and safer crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists are planned for the Whitford Brown Avenue / Papakōwhai Road intersection.

As growth continues in this area it is important to provide safe crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists using this strategic corridor between Porirua and Paremata. This helps make it easier for people to get around the city without having to always jump in a car – one of the Council’s objectives to help reduce emissions and focus on moving towards a more climate-resilient way of life.

This work will also improve safety for motorists. Current wait times for motorists exiting Papakōwhai Road and turning right across Whitford Brown Avenue can be lengthy. This can lead to frustration and people pulling out when they shouldn’t. Since 2019 there have been 13 crashes on Papakōwhai Road and Whitford Brown Avenue (4 minor and 9 non-injury).

View a draft plan of the improvements

View an overview poster of the intersection improvements

Work includes:

  • Improving vehicle safety – by providing a dedicated left- turning lane from Papakōwhai Road and a signalised intersection to assist those turning right into Whitford Brown Avenue.
  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist safety – by providing a dedicated signalised crossing to help keep vulnerable users safe, installation of a shared path on the south side of Whitford Brown Avenue, and a new raised pedestrian crossing on Papakōwhai Road at the southern entrance to Aotea Lagoon. This will improve safety for Aotea College students by providing a safe crossing point over Whitford Brown Avenue.

Once construction starts, we expect work at the intersection to be completed within six months (subject to weather). We are hoping to coordinate this work with construction of the new shared path on Papakōwhai Road subject to contractor availability.

If you have any questions? Please email us.