Plimmerton Flood Response Project

Plimmerton residents and businesses have faced a number of significant flooding events in recent years.

Both the Plimmerton West (Hongoeka Marae and Karehana Park) area and the Taupo Stream catchment around James Street/State Highway 59 have been impacted.

Porirua City Council and Wellington Water are working on improvements to the stormwater systems in these areas to reduce the risk of homes and businesses being flooded.

On this page you will find more information about:

Download the project plan Flood prone area response

Karehana catchment

Porirua City Council has committed $17.9m to reduce the flooding risk for homes in the Karehana area of Plimmerton.

Detailed design work is underway in 2022, and construction is expected to begin in mid-2023.

Taupo stream catchment

Wellington Water (WWL) is investigating stormwater management options in the Taupo stream catchment. Porirua City Council (PCC) expects to consider options later this year (2022).Download the Plimmerton Project Overview.


We are committed to maintaining the current stormwater system as best we can, while improvements are planned and delivered. The current system is designed to manage a 1 in 10-year flood event, and becomes overwhelmed during short, intense periods of rain. When it’s high tide the system struggles even more, as water at the bottom of the catchment is unable to get out to sea.

Wellington Water, Porirua City Parks Team, NZTA and Downers all have maintenance responsibilities in the Plimmerton area.

To provide information about what stormwater assets we maintain and how often, we've developed a GIS map which details the maintenance programme for the various assets in the Karehana Park and James Street catchments. The map is a work in progress, so we'd love your feedback. Take a look

Plimmerton cleanup.jpg

What do we maintain and how often?

The maintenance of Porirua’s stormwater network is delivered through a collaboration between the Council and Wellington Water, with agreed areas of responsibility.

Please note, some stormwater assets in our city are also managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Greater Wellington Regional Council and private property owners.

This GIS map only deals with assets managed by the Council and Wellington Water.

The purpose of this GIS map is to give you basic maintenance information regarding a specific asset or area of maintenance.

When you view the map you'll find the points of interest are indicated by the green icons (as illustrated in the screenshot below), which will take you to a report detailing the:

  • Asset number
  • Asset description
  • Responsible agency
  • Maintenance type
  • Maintenance frequency
  • Inspection frequency
  • Level of service

Take a look

View the new GIS map here to find out details of our stormwater network maintenance programme for the Karehana Park and James Street catchments in Plimmerton.

Reporting a fault

You can report a fault at any time through our Antenno App or by ringing our enquiries team on 04 237 5089 or by emailing [email protected]. It would be helpful if you could provide the asset information provided on this website.

Community Engagement

Following the flood in November 2020 the Plimmerton Flood Action Group established themselves as a touch point for the Community. Council are also working closely with this group.

Plimmerton Flood Action Group

[email protected] and on Facebook, search “Plimmerton Flood Action”

A working group representing the community worked with the project team during the initial Karehana Catchment Study investigation and options assessment, and provided direct feedback to Council and Wellington Water.