Road closures & restrictions

We keep you up to date with the status of roads and any temporary speed restrictions within Porirua City.

Porirua City Council compiles this list in conjunction with local roading authorities, emergency services and contractors. This list will be updated with road closures, temporary speed restrictions and openings as they come to hand.

Road closures

All roads and state highways in Porirua City open except:

Mackays Crossing Upgrade

While Mackays Crossing is out of Porirua City's boundaries, there is work being done there until August 2018 that will affect road users and especially commuters.

You can view the details on the NZTA webpage and keep up to date on their Facebook page.

If you are intending to travel up to the Kapiti Coast or beyond during the next few weeks, it is a good idea to check the status of the road before leaving home.

Roading improvement projects

We're working on a variety of roading improvements around the city.

The resurfacing of Hampshire Street has been delayed, but remains a priority.

Issues with the resurfacing of other streets led to the need for remedial work, which caused delays and unfortunately meant other scheduled jobs – like Hampshire Street – had to be postponed.

We will now be seeking tenders for the Hampshire Street resurfacing and expect the work to be completed late this year.

Thanks for your patience. We’ll keep you updated when more information is available. 

Temporary speed restrictions

A temporary 60km/h speed restriction has been put in place for Flighty's Road in Judgeford. This is to ensure the safety of all commuters who share the road while heavy machinery frequently access the construction of Transmission Gully. Thank you for reducing your speed.

Flyghtys road speed restriction

Traffic advice

  • Well-maintained roads are an important part of keeping people safe. While we aim to do this work with as little disruption as possible, we know that roadworks can be inconvenient. 
  • Please drive carefully through work sites and stick to the temporary speed limits. 
  • If you’re driving around the Wellington region, roadworks on the state highway network may affect your travel plans.
  • Please phone the Council on (04) 237 5089 to report any concerns in your street so we can respond.