Tēnā koe! Thank you for supporting Porirua City by paying your rates. We're committed to making rates fair and affordable - find out how we do this.

If you own a property in Porirua City, you’ll receive a rates assessment notice at the start of the financial year (1 July) showing the rates you need to pay for that year.

Rates notices & invoices

The Rates Assessment Notice includes your property’s valuation and other information we’ve used to calculate your rates. 

You will also receive a separate rates assessment notice showing the rates you are being charged by the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Unless you make other payment arrangements with us, your rates are paid in four instalments for the financial year, which runs from 1 July to 30 June. We will email or post you a rates invoice for each instalment one month before it is due.

We are contracted to collect rates set by Greater Wellington Regional Council

  • Find out more about regional council rates: How we collect rates
  • Read about Greater Wellington’s major projects, activities and programmes for the next 10 years and how they will be paid for: 10 Year Plan

For more information about Greater Wellington’s rates policy, phone (04) 384 5708 or email [email protected]

Rates instalments

There are 4 rate instalments per year.

No. Due Date Penalty Date
1 1 September 2023 4 September 2023
2 1 December 2023 4 December 2023
3 1 March 2024 4 March 2024
4 4 June 2024 5 June 2024

Receive your notices and invoices by email

We can send your rates assessment and rates invoices by email (as pdf attachments). We won’t contact you at the email address you provide, except to send these documents.

Email your request to [email protected] with these details:

  • property account number
  • property address
  • email address for the invoices to be sent to.


Due date changing from 20 August to 1 September - primarily to align with other councils in the region.

Rates assessments and invoices will be sent by email and post from 28 July 2023

You can pay your bill over 12 months to smooth out the rates over the year. If you pay by direct debit you can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by instalments. There’s more information and an easy pay form on our website if you’d like to use this option. https://poriruacity.govt.nz/services/rates-property/rates/paying-rates/#direct-debit

If you currently pay by automatic payment you may need to increase your payments to cover your rates by 30 June 2024. If you need help calculating this amount please contact (04) 237 5089.

PCC rates increase is an average of 9.71% for residential properties. The average increase for business and rural properties can be found https://poriruacity.govt.nz/services/rates-property/rates/how-rates-are-decided/. You may find your property rates have changed more or less than the average due to the three-yearly rates revaluation.

This rate increase is higher than the 7.65% from the Long-term Plan 2021/51 due to Council agreeing to fund the additional $3.6m required by Wellington Water to deliver its current level of service – funded half by rates and half by debt.

GW increase is an average of 16.94%

Property values are as at 1 October 2022. Average movement across Porirua region was 27%. Depending on how much the value of your property has moved in relation to the rest of the region, your increase may be more or less than the average ie your CV has increased more than 27% since the last revaluation then your increase will be more than 9.71%. However, if it increased less than 27% then the increase in your rates will be less than 9.71%.

There were over 200 objections received by QV as a result of the general revaluation. There are 170 objections still to process. These properties will be invoiced at QV’s 1 October 2022 capital value and will be payable on 1 September 2023. Once the objection has been finalised an adjustment will be made to the rates invoices going forward, if the objection is approved.

The time period for objecting to QV about your property value has expired. However, if you have completed some work on your property and want the property value updated please contact QV https://www.qv.co.nz/services/rating-valuations/

New rating valuations were sent out in late March 2023, and came into effect 1 July 2023. 

Property revaluations for 2023 are based on property values as at 1 October 2022. The new values don't increase the total rates collected by the Council but they do affect each property owner's contribution. 

The property rating values have changed by different percentages, both individually and within sectors. This means properties with a higher percentage increase in rating value than the average increase will have a higher percentage rates increase than the average property. Properties that have a lower percentage increase in rating value will have a lower percentage rates increase than the average property. 

Check out a news release from 16 March, 2023, with more information here

Contact [email protected] or phone customer services on (04) 237 5089