Certificate of title

If you're applying for a building or resource consent, you'll first need to source background land information – which is all contained in a handy Certificate of Title.

How to obtain a certificate of title

Certificates of title, and other land records such as survey plans, are issued by Land Information New Zealand

Land registration is governed by the Land Transfer Act 1952.

Finding property boundaries

When boundaries are originally worked out, they’re marked on the site with survey pegs. Over time, the pegs may rot away or disappear, making it hard to know exactly where the boundaries are.

Our records provide only boundary measurements and don’t accurately identify boundary lines. Porirua City maps and aerial photographs are accurate up to plus or minus one metre and can only be used as guides.

If you can’t locate the survey pegs for your property, you may need to employ a licensed cadastral surveyor to find out the exact boundaries.