Valuations & objections

Find out what your property is worth, how Porirua City properties are rated, and what changes affect value.

Property values are set every 3 years

Quotable Value (QV), an independent valuation service, sets the rating values for Porirua City properties every three years. It works out their value by looking at the sale prices of surrounding properties and the value of building consents in the area. The valuations are a snapshot of the market as at 1 October in the year of revaluation.

Find out more about how properties are valued or phone 0800 787 284.

Find out your property’s value

You can view your property's value on the QV website, at our Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, Porirua City Centre Library, phone us on
(04) 237 5089 or email [email protected].

How changes affect your property’s value and rates

New rating valuations will be sent out in late March 2023, and come into effect 1 July 2023.

Property revaluations for 2023 are based on property values as at 1 October 2022. The new values don't increase the total rates collected by the Council but they do affect each property owner's contribution.

The property rating values have changed by different percentages, both individually and within sectors. This means properties with a higher percentage increase in rating value than the average increase will have a higher percentage rates increase than the average property. Properties that have a lower percentage increase in rating value will have a lower percentage rates increase than the average property.

Check out a news release from 16 March, 2023, with more information here

Make an objection

If you don’t agree with the rating value for your property, you can object in writing.

Lodge your objection online or collect a QV objection form from our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, Porirua.