Rates penalties

You can avoid penalties on your rates by ensuring you pay in full by 30 June each year.

Pay on time to avoid penalties

We charge a 10% penalty for rates that are unpaid at as at 30 June. 

There is also a 10% instalment penalty on rates that are unpaid after the instalment due date. The penalty takes effect from the next day. (However, if your rates are paid by regular automatic payments and the funds will clear by 30 June, we do not charge this penalty.)

You can ask to have an instalment penalty cancelled once every three years. 

If you can’t pay your rates

Let us know as soon as possible if you can’t pay your rates due to financial hardship. We may be able to set up a payment plan. If you make all of the payments as agreed in your payment plan, we may drop any late payment penalties. 

Your payments are allocated to the oldest debt first, not the latest instalment due. This means a payment can’t be put towards the latest rates instalment to avoid a penalty if there are older debts to pay first. 

Phone our Credit Controller on 04 237 1425 to set up a payment plan.