COVID-19 pandemic

We’re closely following Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19. Please note this is affecting many of our services and for the latest updates please go to our Covid-19 pandemic page.

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Stray or lost animals

If you spot an animal that looks lost – or not where it should be – please get in touch with us hohoro.

Large animals like horses or sheep found wandering on our roads, or marine animals such as seals or penguins lost or stranded on our beaches can be a serious hazard.

If you see a wandering animal or lost marine mammal in a public place and it doesn’t appear to be at immediate risk of being harmed or causing harm, let us know on phone (04) 237 5089 or fill out the form below.

If it is creating a nuisance, holding up traffic or endangering any person or itself, phone the Police on 111. They will provide traffic control until the animal can be safely contained. 

For stranded, straying or dead marine mammals, also contact the Department of Conservation on 0800 362 468.

Fix it please

If you wish to send any photos in support of your request or advice, please email them separately to and we'll attach them to your record in our systems.

How we deal with wandering stock

Our council officers may impound wandering stock until we find out who owns it.

You can reclaim animals from us by providing proof of ownership and paying any costs of impounding and looking after them.

If unclaimed, animals may be sold by public tender advertised in local newspapers, or disposed of in another way.

To find out about a missing or impounded animal, call us on (04) 237 5089.

If your pet is lost or missing, check the Pets on the Net or Lost Pet Finder websites. Neighbourly community pages also list lost and found pets. 

Fees apply from 1 July 2017 and include GST.

Description Fee
1st impounding $144.00
2nd impounding $212.50
3rd+ impounding $302.00
1st impounding where impounded after hours $182.50
2nd impounding where impounded after hours $251.00
3rd+ impounding where impounded after hours $341.50
Sustenance fee per day $19.00
Impounding - small animal $76.50
Impounding - large animal $114.00
Sustenance fee per day A.C.F.
Call out cost for stock 5pm to 7am Actual Cost
Officer charge out rate (hour or part thereof) $151.40