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There are lots of dog friendly places in Porirua City. You can view these on our maps.

There are lots of dog friendly places in Porirua City. Dogs are welcome in most of Porirua's walkways and parks provided they are on a leash - just remember that summer restrictions apply. There are also many areas where you can let them run off leash including all beaches - except the main five.


We have one fenced dog area for your pooches to enjoy and another coming soon. Click below to find out more.

Click each location to open a map showing the exact location.

Cannons Creek/Waitangirua/Ascot Park


  • Camborne Walkway * (on leash restrictions apply at each end)
  • Ngāti Toa Domain - foreshore only (Sports fields are on leash or prohibited when in use for an organised public event)



Pukerua Bay


Titahi Bay


* These areas have possum control measures in place. To prevent your dog being poisoned, make sure it doesn’t go into the bush or scavenge carcasses.

Pest Animal Operations (arcgis.com) will inform you what toxin is being used and precautions.

For more detailed dog safety precautions visit, Greater Wellington — Keeping your dog safe in our region (gw.govt.nz)


Some of our beaches have restrictions on dogs at certain times of the year.

Karehana Bay Beach (Plimmerton), Paremata Beach, Pukerua Bay Beach, Titahi Bay Beach

Summer restrictions – 1 November to 31 March

From 10am to 7pm: no dogs allowed, even on leash

From 7pm to 10am: no restrictions – dogs can be exercised off leash

Rest of the year – 1 April to 30 October

Dogs may be exercised off leash at any time, between the marker signposts (as shown on the maps below):

Plimmerton Beach north end (between Taupō Stream and the Fire Station on Sunset Parade)

Summer restrictions – 1 November to 31 March

No dogs allowed

Rest of the year – 1 April to 31 October

Dogs allowed but must be on leash at all times.

Plimmerton Beach south end

South of Taupō Stream is unrestricted and free for dogs to be off-leash all year round.

Other Restricted Areas

Taua Tapu Track (between The Track and Airlie Road in Plimmerton) and Motukaraka Point Reserve (inland area)

From 1 August to 1 November, dogs are not permitted on these tracks due to lambing season.

Te Rāhui o Rangituhi (Previously known as Colonial Knob Parklands) 

Dogs are allowed on leash on the farm road to the stock gate or sign at 2.2kms. They are not allowed anywhere else in the Rangituhi hill reserves – eg. Te Rāhui o Rangituhi, Porirua Scenic Reserve and Colonial Knob Scenic Reserve.

Aotea Lagoon

No dogs allowed at the rose garden, playground and Splash Pad areas.

Dogs are welcome on leash in all other areas.

All playgrounds

No dogs allowed

Village Centres

Dogs are welcome on leash in all village centres, (except Porirua City Centre, where they are prohibited), provided they are on leash, under control and stay outside premises.

General Rules

  • At all times, in any public place, dog owners are responsible for ensuring their dog is under control.
  • Please pick up, and remove, your dog's poo.

For public health and safety reasons, dogs are restricted or prohibited in some areas of our city. If you're planning on going to the following areas please keep your dog at home. 

  • Pāuatahanui Wildlife Management Reserve.
  • Porirua Scenic Reserve.
  • tennis and netball courts (only when in use).
  • children’s' public play areas (playgrounds)
  • basketball courts and skateboard areas (only when in use).
  • within 10 metres of a marked grass sports field.
  • public libraries and other council premises.
  • public swimming pools.
  • Aotea Lagoon Splash Pad, rose garden and playground.
  • Porirua City Centre (on leash only)
  • Organised public Events at a hard court court recreational area or marked playing field. 

These prohibitions and restrictions do not apply to:

  • guide or hearing ear dogs.
  • Police, Customs, security or farm dogs under the direct control of their handler or owner.
  • dogs we have granted a specific exemption.

Dogs in regional parks

Greater Wellington Regional Council has its own requirements for visiting dogs in their parks.

Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

  • Dogs are not permitted, including those in vehicles.

Belmont Regional Park

  • Dogs are permitted on leash in the Korokoro, Stratton Street and Dry Creek Valleys, but are not permitted on or near farmland.

Whitireia Park

  • Dogs are welcome, but must be on leash at all times at Onehunga Bay, and kept under control at all times in other areas of the park.

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