If you're looking to sell a property, showcase an upcoming event, put up an electioneering sign, promote a product with a sign or have a sandwich board sign, check with us first to see if you need a permit.

You need a permit for all signs, whether they’re on public or private land or buildings.  You can find the information in the areas below.

You may need a building consent, and/or a resource consent for any sign that:

  • is more than 1.8 metres high
  • has a surface area bigger than two square metres 
  • is mounted on a wall or verandah 
  • is located on one site but advertises a different activity, product or service (e.g. a billboard).

Find out more at - check if you need consents

You need a permit for all signs, whether they’re on public or private land or buildings. 

Having a community sign no longer requires a permit, please ensure you comply with the sign requirements below.

Promote the community and local groups while maintaining the overall look of an area and ensuring public safety when placing signs around Porirua City.

Sign Requirements

8.1   Community signs are permitted for the purposes of promoting any forthcoming event, community organisation and providing community information without advertising for other goods or services. Community signage must:

(a) no face of the sign exceeds 6 square metres in surface area; and

(b) the top of the sign does not exceed 3 metres in height above the supporting ground level.

8.2   Signs cannot be placed or displayed:

8.3   All community signs must comply with section 6.7

6.7   A person must not display any publicly visible signage that is:

a) discriminatory or advocates discrimination based on one or more of the prohibited grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Act 1993;

b) objectionable within the meaning of the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993;

c) contravenes expected standards relating to the amenity values of neighbouring properties and other requirements for signs displayed on or attached to private property as per District Plan rules;

d) incites or counsels any person to commit any offence;

e)  defamatory within the meaning of the Defamation Act 1992.

2020 Signs Bylaw Policy Document

Sign Approval

Your group must apply for permission before the sign is displayed. To apply you will need to supply the following information.

  • The name of the organisation on whose behalf the application is being made.
  • The purpose of the sign, i.e. the activity or event being advertised or promoted.
  • The dates on which the sign is to be displayed.
  • A drawing or picture of the proposed sign, and its size.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure signs are compliant.

Please complete the application form below

Approved locations

A number of locations throughout Porirua City have been pre-approved for community sign display. The sites have been chosen with a view to:

  • Assist community groups to achieve a high level of exposure.
  • Protect important underground utility services.
  • Minimise damage to grass and road reserve areas.
  • Prevent hazards for road and pedestrian traffic.
  • Maintain the good appearance of the city. 

Real estate signs do not require a permit but must meet the following requirements: 

10.1 Real estate signs are permitted for the purpose of advertising for sale, lease, rent or auction the whole or part of land or premises. Any real estate sign must:

a. be displayed on the property to which it relates.

b. be free standing or attached to the wall or fence of the property to which it relates. Not on the berm in front of the property.

c. be removed within 30 days of the ‘sold’ or ‘leased’ notification being placed on the sign.

d. not exceed a height of two metres above ground level.

e. not exceed a surface area of two square metres (e.g. up to 1.4 metres in height and 1.4 metres in width).

f. not be placed in a manner so as to create a hazard or obstruction for members of the public.

g. Not have more than one (1) temporary sign on any land or premises (being a sign advertising that land or premises for sale, auction or lease) for each real estate agency involved in the sale, auction or leasing of that land or premises.

10.2 Where a property does not have direct road frontage real estate signage may be displayed as close as practical outside the property to which it relates.

10.3 Directional real estate signage is to be put out and removed on same day of the auction or open home.

10.4 Real estate flags or banners may be displayed on a stationary vehicle during the time of an open home or onsite auction, so long as neither the flag or banner nor any supporting structure protrudes from the side of the vehicle.

10.5 All real estate signs must comply with section 6.7.

If any agents wish to have the sign conditions modified for any particular site then please complete the application form below for approval

Download the Signs Bylaw 2020 document

The following is information on the displaying of sandwich board advertising signs on public footpaths and in public areas in reference to the Signs Bylaw 2020

Sandwich Board Signs must meet a minimum standard

  • Is is important that your sandwich board sign is of a professional design, appearance and construction standard.
  • It cannot exceed 0.9 metres in height and 0.6 metres in width.
  • The base must be weighted to resist wind and the signage must be firmly secured to its base and have no sharp corners, edges or fittings that could cause injury to any person or damage property.
  • Wind rotated signs must have no gaps for children to insert fingers into.

Where you may display your sandwich board sign

Sandwich board signs can only be displayed on a paved public pedestrian footpath or walkway, immediately up against the front of your shop or business premises.

They cannot be displayed in such a position or manner that they:

  • Create a hazard or danger to any person
  • Obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Reduce the useable footpath surface to less than two metres in width
  • The signs may be displayed only during normal business hours and must be removed at the close of each trading day
  • You must comply with Police or Council Inspector directions to move or remove a sign even if you have a permit.

Council Inspectors will remove and impound non-complying signage that is displayed in breach of conditions.

Download the Signs Bylaw 2020 document

12.1 Election signage is regulated by the Electoral Act 1993 and Electoral (Advertisements of a

Specified Kind) Regulations 2005.

12.2 The general requirements of this Bylaw apply to any election signage not regulated by the Electoral Act 1993 and Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005.

12.3 Election signage can only be displayed during the period beginning 9 weeks before polling day and ending with the close of the day before polling day.

12.4 Any election signage displayed on a public place must be on the approved sites only (Schedule 1) and must be free standing (Schedule 2). Only one sign per candidate and/or party is permitted at each site.

12.5 Signs advertising a candidate standing for local election to a ward position may only be displayed within the boundaries of that ward.

12.6 Signs must not be placed 50 metres from any road or street intersection and must be placed at a greater distance if visibility for pedestrians or drivers is obscured unless inspection from an authorised officer deems that there is no obstruction or distraction with having the sign there.

12.7 All election signs must comply with the Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 Part 3 Advertising Signs.

12.8 All election signs must comply with section 6.7

Download the Signs Bylaw 2020 document

Removal of Signs

  • Council officers have the authority to remove and dispose of any non-compliant sign.
  • Council is not responsible for any damage to or loss of an applicant’s sign.
  • An impound fee of $50 per sign is payable.

Application form

Please send a copy of your proposed sign to 

Please pick one from the drop down list
Please provide details of the activity or business the sign is promoting
Height and width (mm)
Please advise how your sign/s are being made
This is for any sign that is NOT a Community Sign
For more detail refer to the <a href="">Maps Document </a>
You may erect your sign up to 4 weeks prior to your event