Building consents

No matter how big your project is – whether it involves renovating a skyscraper or building a shed – you may need to apply for a building consent and/or a resource consent.

Apply for a building consent

Before you start your project, visit  It has all the information you need to build homes and buildings that are safe, healthy and durable.

1. Find out if you need a building consent

If your proposed work is not exempt, apply for a building consent.   

If you’re not sure, we will probably need to see your plans before we can advise you. Please phone us on (04) 237 5089 to make an appointment and bring your plans and forms with you.

2. Before you apply

Commercial applications

We recommend you bring the team in for a pre-lodgement meeting.

E-mail or phone us on (04) 237 5089.

3. Application packs

Use the forms and guides for your type of building work. Make sure you include the relevant checksheet with your application.

  • Check the advice at about preparing Quality drawings for help with your plans. 
  • We need two copies of your application and originals of all drawings, specifications and supporting documents.
  • You can apply for a project information memorandum (PIM) using the Application for Building Consent form. 

4. Pay your deposit

A deposit is payable when the application is lodged. This will be set against the final cost for processing the application. 

Minimum inspection costs are included in your building consent fee. However, in the event that additional inspections are required, extra charges to cover those inspections may be applied before your Code Compliance Certificate can be issued.

You can assist in keeping delays and costs to a minimum by:

  • Checking building, planning, water and drainage requirements with Council early in your project planning process.
  • Ensuring your application has all the information and supporting certificates and/or other documentation required.
  • Lodging all Building and Resource Consent applications for the same project together.
  • Responding promptly to Council requests for further information.

Fees apply from 1 July 2017.  All charges include GST.

Detached Amount to pay when you apply
Single storey $1,412.50
Two/three storey $1,724.00
Relocated dwelling $784.00
Multiple dwellings / apartments in one block
Work valued <$200,000 $1,803.00
Work valued >$200,000 and <$350,000 $2,116.00
Work valued >$350,000 and <$500,000 $2,273.00
Work valued >$500,000 and <$1,000,000 $2,273.00
Work valued >$1,000,000+ $2,273.00
+ $230 for each $500,000 + $237.00 for each $500,000
Additions Amount to pay when you apply
Single storey $1,333.00
Two storey $1,647.00
Relocated dwelling $761.00
Work valued <$5,000 $784.00
Work valued >$5,000 and <$10,000 $1,177.00
Work valued >$10,000 and <$20,000 $1,412.50
Work valued >$20,000 $1,566.00

Alterations do not include charges for plumbing/drainage. See minor residential works.

Amount to pay when you apply
Solid fuel heater $392.50
Plumbing $313.00
Plumbing / drainage $392.50
Swimming pools, spa pool fencing, decks $237.00
Retaining walls $706.00
Sheds / carports $706.00

If a heating unit such as a wood burner will be used as a wetback, or extra building or plumbing work is needed, the set charge for a solid fuel heater doesn’t apply.

Farm buildings Amount to pay when you apply
Work valued <$20,000 $706.00
Work valued >$20,000+ $864.00
Domestic garages Amount to pay when you apply
Work valued <$10,000 $706.00
Work valued >$10,000+ $864.00
New build Amount to pay when you apply
Work valued <$25,000 $1,097.00
Work valued >$25,000 and <$50,000 $1,333.00
Work valued >$50,000 and <$75,000 $1,490.00
Work valued >$75,000 and <$100,000 $1,724.00
Work valued >$100,000 and <$250,000 $2,039.00
Work valued >$250,000 and <$500,000 $2,350.00
Work valued >$500,000 and <$1,000,000 $2,666.00
Work valued >$1,000,000 $2,666.00
+ $304 for each $500,000 + $304 for each $500,000
Alterations and additions Amount to pay when you apply
Work valued <$10,000 $784.00
Work valued >$10,000 and <$25,000 $940.00
Work valued >$25,000 and <$50,000 $1,255.00
Work valued >$50,000 and <$100,000 $1,566.00
Work valued >$100,000 $1,566.00
+ $237 for each $50,000 + $244 for each $50,000
Building compliance
Notice to fix $158.50
Fire Service review Cost + 10%
Structural / Fire engineering / Other consultation review Cost + 10%
Certificate of acceptance $422.00
Application for amendment per hour or part hour $158.50
Certificate of public use – existing building $422.00
Additional or follow-up inspections/actions for building compliance per hour or part hour $158.50
Time extension $80.50
Application for code compliance certificate (residential new buildings and commercial building works) $360.50
Application for code compliance certificate (accessory buildings/alterations and works under $100,000) (not including minor works under $20,000) $226.5
Building warrant of fitness annual review / Issue compliance schedule $237.00
Amendment to compliance schedule per hour or part hour $158.50
Inspection for compliance schedule / building warrant of fitness audit $154.50
Lapse, withdrawal or cancellation of building consent (after it’s been issued) $158.50
Isolated assessments/reports
Demolition $358.00
Producer statements – assessment $158.50
per hour or part hour
Drainage and insanitary notice $158.50
per hour or part hour
Dangerous buildings notice $158.50
per hour or part hour
Alternative solutions $158.50
per hour or part hour
Waivers $237.00
Statistics report $47.50
Sections 71 and 77 (Natural hazards and across two allotments) $237.00
Plan assessment and processing $158.50
per hour or part hour
Audit inspections $174.50
per hour or part hour
Audits $174.00
per hour or part hour
Marquees (fixed fee)
Marquee consent only $118.00
Marquee consent and Inspect $237.00
Interdepartmental work
Hourly rate for work by other council service areas $142.00
Administration – residential consent (30 minutes administration) $91.50
Administration – commercial/industrial consent (1 hour administration) $162.50

5. Submit your application

Phone our Customer Services Centre on (04) 237 5089 to make an appointment for a lodgement meeting.

Bring your completed application and corresponding checksheet to the meeting, along with your plans, specifications and other supporting documents as required on the checksheet. The application can be submitted after a Building Compliance Officer (BCO) has vetted and accepted it. At this time payment of the deposit is required.  

  • Customer Services Centre
    16 Cobham Court

Or send your application by post or courier to:

  • PO Box 50218
    Porirua 5240

Your application takes up to 20 working days to process from the time we accept it and receive your deposit.

We’ll contact you if we need more information to process your application. The 20-day clock will be paused until we receive what we need. Find out about requests for information.

6. Receive your building consent

When your proposal/application meets the requirements of the Building Act 2004 and Building Code, your building consent will be granted. All fees are to be paid prior to issuing your building consent. Attached to the consent will be the approved consent pack which includes the stamped plans, specifications and supporting documents. 

We’ll tell you about any restrictions or requirements associated with the consent.

Your build needs to start within a year of your building consent being granted. Please be aware the council has two years from the time of issuing the consent in which to make a decision on whether to grant or refuse Code Compliance Certificate

There is a fee for consents extensions, please see the extension of time form.

Send this form to

or post to PO Box 50218, Porirua 5240.

7. After your consent has been issued

If your building work doesn't comply with the building consent at time of inspection, you may be given a notice to fix.  Please note there will be a fee of $154.00.  The notice will set out what you need to do to fix the non-compliance.

You're committing an offence if your project needs a building consent and you do the work without one.  You could be issued with an infringement notice and substantial fine. In rare cases, if the building is not safe or sanitary and doesn’t have a suitable way to escape from fire, you may even have to remove the building.

Certificate for public use

A Certificate for Public Use allows premises affected by building work to be used by the public.

Apply for a Certificate of Public Use using the paper form.

Fill out the  application for certificate for public use (362KB PDF), and read the guide to completing the application for certificate for public use (485KB PDF). 

Note: this form is for paper hardcopy applications only. It cannot be supplied to us in an electronic form, eg email.

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