Covid-19 Update


Porirua City is at the orange setting of the traffic lights protection framework. This means some changes to the way we work and live, as protections are in place to help minimise the spread of Covid-19 in the community. Find out more

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Move or demolish a building

Moving a house is challenging, moving a building even more so – but here in Porirua City, we can help you relocate a building, or guide you through its demolition.

Demolition of a building

If the building is detached and is less than three stories high you will not need consent as this is exempt building works.

You will need to:

  • Terminate all services such as water, sewer and stormwater -
  • let providers of services such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications know about the demolition works
  • correctly handle and dispose of hazardous materials, including asbestos
  • Control silt or runoff, excess noise and dust
  • Secure the site with barriers to restrict public access and avoid injury to the public

Relocating a building

Building consent

If you are moving a building into or out of Porirua City, you will need a building consent from both the Porirua City Council and the other Council concerned.

Resource consent

You may need a resource consent, depending on whether the project involves any site earthworks and on the type and structure of the building, you may also need to get a resource consent from the council for the existing location.

As well as our standard resource consent application requirements, your application must include:

  • photographs of the building being relocated
  • details of any trees or other buildings you plan to remove as part of the relocation work
  • details of any planned changes to the building structure
  • details of how you will comply with District Plan specifications for distance from boundaries, height and so on
  • Apply for resource consent