Code compliance certificates

It's the building owner's responsibility to get sign-off from us for a building project, even if your building professional is doing it on your behalf.

Get your building project signed off

A code compliance certificate gives you and future owners an assurance that the building work was done to the appropriate standards, making it safe, healthy and durable. 

Lack of a code compliance certificate might prevent a bank from releasing a final builder payment or increase the cost of insurance cover.  

The receipt of a code compliance certificate means the building is deemed to have been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications provided and complies with the Building Code. 

Find out what you need to do: Get the build signed off.

Apply for your Code Compliance Certificate using the online portal

Information for Final Inspections guide - Form 210

Phone our Inspection Hotline on (04) 237 3844 to book your final site inspection. 

Make sure you have all stamped and consented documents, including any amendments, at the final inspection.

Your application takes up to 20 working days to process from the time we receive a complete application.

We'll contact you if we need more information to process your application, and pause the 20 day clock. The clock will restart when we receive a complete response to our request.

We may charge an additional fee to review or assess the extra information. All fees need to be paid in full before we can issue your certificate of compliance.

Do I need a final inspection?

Yes, all building consents require a final inspection. The purpose of the final inspection is to ensure that all work is completed as required by the building consent.

Although there is no imposed timeframe on an owner to complete work, on the 2 year anniversary of the granting of your consent, we are required to decide if a Code Compliance Certificate can be issued. If you cannot complete the work within this timeframe, it is essential that you contact us to discuss the matter.  

How long does it take?

Once the application has been made, we have 20 working days to decide whether to issue a Code Compliance Certificate. We will complete an inspection, if a final inspection has not already occurred, and ensure all documentation has been received. The required documentation will be listed on the building consent. If all building work complies and documentation supplied, a Code Compliance Certificate may be issued. 

If a Code Compliance Certificate cannot be issued, we will write to you detailing the additional information you need to supply.  The 20 working day clock is stopped while this happens. 

The Code Compliance Certificate can only be issued where we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the work complies with the consent. 

Where a compliance schedule is required to be issued, we must be satisfied that the specified systems will perform to the standard as set out in the consent.