Certificate of acceptance

You may be entitled to a certificate of acceptance for work done under urgency that doesn’t have a building consent.

Applying for a certificate of acceptance

You can apply for a certificate of acceptance for work done without a building consent, or in specific circumstances when it’s not possible to issue code compliance certificate.

Find out if your work might be eligible for a certificate of acceptance 

Forms to use

Bring the completed form, checksheet and your supporting documents to our relocated Customer Services Centre on the Ground Floor of the BNZ Building, 14 Hartham Place, Porirua, from December 8, or mail them to PO Box 50218, Porirua.

Your application takes up to 20 working days to process from the time we accept your application and fee of $434.70.

There is an additional hourly charge of $163.30 for processing, inspections and expert checks for your application. All fees need to be paid in full before we can issue a certificate of acceptance.