Water & sewage connections

Wellington Water manages water treatment and supply, stormwater and wastewater service delivery for Porirua city.

How your water is supplied

Wellington Water supplies drinking water to Porirua households and businesses.

Water users meet the cost of this supply by:

  • Paying a fixed annual charge on their property rates; or 
  • Paying on metered charge basis where they have water meters installed. 

View Greater Wellington's Live Water supply map. 

Applying for a water, wastewater or stormwater connection

Wellington Water manages the water, wastewater and stormwater services network for the council.

You need to apply to council for the following:

  • connect or disconnect water, wastewater or stormwater to or from our network
  • install a water meter on a new or existing water connection
  • raise or lower a manhole
  • use water from public supplies such as hydrants.

The relevant form can be downloaded from our website (refer to application forms below) or picked up from our Customer Service Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua.

Once the form is completed you will need to return it to our Customer Service Centre and pay the applicable application fee to the council when you apply. The fees are as follows:


Residential connection to the main: $392

Commercial connection to the main: $710

Disconnection from the main: $392

Backflow preventer: $392

Meter: $352

Re-inspection and additional processing per hour: $212  


Residential: $392

Other: $710

Re-inspection and additional processing per hour: $212  

The application can’t be processed until the fee is paid

Approval process

Wellington Water will contact you directly to advise the outcome of your application. If approved Wellington Water will send you a confirmation letter detailing the process along with a list of approved contractors who can undertake this work.

You can then get quotes from the approved contractors and choose one to undertake the work. The installation contractor will charge their costs directly to you.

Water meters can be installed

You may opt to have a residential water meter installed and pay for your water usage in this manner rather than paying the annual water charge with your rates.

All commercial properties are required to have a water meter.

Your meter will be read and you will be invoiced on the following schedule:

  • residential water meters are invoiced twice a year
  • commercial meters are invoiced bi-monthly
  • hospitals are invoiced monthly

If you want more information on the use of water meters, call our Contact Centre on (04) 237 5089 or visit us during normal business hours.