Onsite wastewater systems

All onsite wastewater systems, for example a septic tank, or aerated wastewater treatment system, must be licensed.

All on-site wastewater systems within Porirua, such as a septic tank or aerated wastewater treatment system - must be licensed by Porirua City Council.

If you’re installing a new system on a property, you must apply to us for a building consent and onsite wastewater system licence before the building is occupied. You may also need to apply for a resource consent.

Your onsite wastewater system must also meet the Wellington Regional Council’s Proposed Natural Resources Plan (PNRP)


To apply you’ll need to have an authorised person inspect your onsite wastewater system and sign the application form below. Each individual system needs a separate form. 

Send us the completed application form, along with the application fee.

On-site wastewater system licence application fee of $130.00

Authorised Person

An authorised person is anyone recognised as being suitably trained or qualified to undertake maintenance on, or prepare appropriate reports, designs and assessments for onsite wastewater systems.

The manufacturers of systems and suppliers of services are the most knowledgeable about how their systems function and any remedial work that is required, so this makes them an authorised person. Other examples include drain layers and engineers who have training and knowledge of specific onsite wastewater systems.

Before engaging an authorised person, please ensure that they have knowledge and experience with your particular type of system.

Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991 - Part 25 Wastewater

All wastewater generated on any land that is not connected to the Council's public sewer network must be treated and be disposed of within the confines of that land.

Australian/New Zealand Standard 1547:2012 Onsite domestic wastewater management

The purpose of this standard is to provide the requirements for treatment units and their land application systems to achieve sustainable and effective onsite domestic wastewater management, to protect public health and the environment.

Contact us

If you need a hand with your application or have any questions about compliance, please contact us on (04) 237 5089, or send us an email.