Onsite wastewater systems

All onsite wastewater systems, for example a septic tank, or aerated wastewater treatment system, must be licensed.

If you have an onsite wastewater system – such as a septic tank or aerated wastewater treatment system – it needs to have a management plan and a licence. 

If you’re installing a new system on your property, you must apply to us for the licence before the building is occupied. The management plan is included as part of your licence application.

Find out Porirua City requirements for onsite wastewater systems: Onsite wastewater systems FAQ (210KB pdf)

Before you apply

Use this guide to find out whether your wastewater system meets the regional rules and regulations

Have an authorised person inspect your onsite wastewater system and sign the application checklist and certificate of fitness. 

Please note: each individual system is required to have a separate application form completed. 

Apply for your licence and renew it each year

Send us your completed application, including the management plan, signed checklist and certificate of fitness. You’ll need to pay a fee of $106.10 from 1 July 2018 for the new licence and for each year you renew it.

Your onsite wastewater licence will expire on 31 March each year. At least three months before the licence expires, we’ll send you a reminder to renew it. 

You’ll need to send us a copy of maintenance reports and pump-out receipts (as set out in the licence conditions), and have the checklist and certificate of fitness signed by an authorised person.

Contact us

If you need assistance with your application or you have any questions regarding compliance, please contact us by phoning (04) 237 5089, or email onsite.wastewater@poriruacity.govt.nz