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Applications open for Young People’s Fund

The grants recognise the importance of children and young people to our city.

Young children enjoying bubble time.

Applications are about to open for Porirua City’s Young People’s Fund – a new set of grants recognising the importance of children and young people to our city.

Some of the grants can be applied for directly by children or young people, and the city is excited to hear their ideas, Mayor Mike Tana says. 

“We want our tamariki to reach their potential, achieve their dreams and aim high. Sometimes a lack of funding can be all that’s holding back a big idea or untapped potential – so we encourage our young people to apply for these grants and make things happen.” 

Applications for grants from the ‘Making an Impact’ and ‘Making it Happen’ funds open on 1 February and aim to support projects for people aged 0–24. 

The new approach was agreed by the Council’s City Delivery Committee last year after a review of community funding. 

“This isn’t new spending. We’re just changing where we invest our existing community outcomes funding to where it will bring the most value to the city – by focusing on our children and young people,” Mayor Tana says.

“In 2015 we made having ‘children and young people at the centre of city decisions’ one of our strategic priorities, with strong support from the community.

“This year a review of our community funding gave us the opportunity to reflect that commitment.”

The Making an Impact fund offers grants to transform wellbeing for young people through collaborations. It’s available to organisations that have a new project or idea which focuses on children and young people and clearly aligns with the Council’s ‘children and young people’ strategic priority.

The Making it Happen fund aims to bring young people’s innovative, bright ideas to life with small grants available for organisations and children and young people to apply for directly. It supports new ideas, activities or projects which build the capabilities of children and young people or help them address issues relevant to them and their community.

“Making it Happen is about more than just giving out grants,” said Councillor Anita Baker, City Delivery Committee Chairperson.

“It’s also about supporting young people’s ideas and helping them build confidence while learning new skills in leadership, decision making, problem solving and so much more.”

A group of children and young people will have input into the decision-making process for projects seeking grants from both the Making an Impact and Making it Happen funds.

In July a third fund, Getting you There, will be launched with mayoral grants to help young people reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Visit our Children and Young People's Funding page for guides and application forms.

31 Jan 2018