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Bay Drive - What's the story?

Bay Dr - Titahi Bay

From Chief Executive, Wendy Walker: 

We want to clear up the confusion in the community and media about plans for 19 & 21 Bay Drive in Titahi Bay.

The Council purchased 21 Bay Drive in 2008 for $630,000 and 19 Bay Drive in 2012 for $2.55 million.

These were strategic property purchases to add to Porirua’s green space network, provide additional access to the coast, and unlock the potential to become a visitor destination in Porirua in the future.

The Council at the time envisaged that the land would become part of the redevelopment of the Titahi Bay beach area, in line with the Titahi Bay Beach Reserves Management Plan and in consultation with the community. They also agreed that consideration be given to at least partial development of the site to reduce the financial impact of the purchase.

Last year a workshop was held with Council to discuss how to enable the public to access this prime property. Currently it’s being rented so is off limits to the community.

In keeping with the directive to consider partial development to help reduce further cost to the ratepayer, some concept designs were prepared to help the Council envision possibilities. Those concepts were rejected by councillors who instead asked staff to consult on a set of development principles to guide any future use of 19 & 21 Bay Drive.

Regrettably, the media recently ran stories suggesting the concept plans are going ahead and that the Council is trying to hide these from the public. This is incorrect.

Here are the facts:

  • There are no plans to develop apartments at 19 & 21 Bay Drive.
  • No redevelopment of the land will occur without consultation with the community.
  • Consultation on the principles has just ended and a report on the feedback will be prepared for the Council.
  • The purchase agreement of 19 Bay Drive made no promises to the sellers about future use of the land.

We’re disappointed that the media coverage has added to confusion and concern in the community and want to reassure our residents that their voices will determine the future of this beautiful piece of public land.

24 Jun 2019