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Beach Kaitiaki hit the sand at Titahi Bay Beach

Arran Mortimer_resized

Arran Mortimer is one of two Beach Kaitiaki looking after Titahi Bay Beach this summer.

Those seeking sun and surf at Titahi Bay Beach this summer are likely to see some friendly faces.

Porirua City Council’s two new Beach Kaitiaki have begun their summer of work, ensuring everyone at the busy beach has a good time.

Porirua locals Arran Mortimer and Malia Gafa will be on the beach between 9am-7pm each day, until 31 March.

“They are there to chat to beachgoers who have any questions and provide advice about other things to see and do in the area,” says Council Acting Parks & City Services Operations Manager David Stone.

“They’re also up-to-date with all the rules around things such as dogs on the beach, and when vehicles are allowed access.”

Mr Stone says Titahi Bay Beach becomes a popular spot during summer with many visitors from outside the region coming to the beach for some swimming or surfing.

“It’s great to have people on the beach with local knowledge who are happy to help.”

Arran and Malia will also use their time on the beach to pick up any rubbish and make sure the area is in a nice condition for everyone to enjoy.

Since he started this job on 9 December, Arran says he’s had mainly positive interactions with people while working and is happy to chat with or offer advice for anyone enjoying a day at the beach.

Keep an eye out for them with their Porirua City caps and vests on if you have any questions or need some help.

21 Dec 2022