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Dash Swim School makes a splash

Dash Swim School

A Dash Swim School instructor uses the innovative new SwimDesk system.

Alongside its innovative learn-to-swim programme, Dash Swim School has launched a new SwimDesk system for Dash instructors to track and manage students’ progress.

SwimDesk also has a portal, so parents and caregivers can see at a glance what stage swimmers are at, and what they need to do to progress. 

Dash Swim School Manager Laura Cooper says it’s really exciting to see the new system in action.

“We’ve rolled out SwimDesk for our Dash swimming lessons for term two. Our instructors are using splashproof tablets in the pool to mark students’ attendance, tick off swimming competencies as they’re assessed, and book them in for formal assessments,” she says.

“Through the parent portal, parents and caregivers can see how their tamariki are progressing, when they’ve been assessed, and what they need to do to move to the next level.”

The SwimDesk system also means more relevant and timely updates can be sent out to people as needed.

“We’re able to email parents when there’s been a change of instructor, a cancelled lesson, or when their child has been assessed. It means we can engage with our all of our customers much more regularly and effectively.”

The tablets are housed in specially designed (and tested) “Lifeproof” cases. “It’s great to be moving from a paper-based manual system to an online one,” laughs Laura. “No more waterproof paper!”

The SwimDesk system is part of Porirua City’s customer-centric focus and there are plans to add online booking and payments to make booking and rebooking easier.

“Down the track we’ll also look at enhancements like adding videos of the different competencies for each level, which will help focus on building those essential swimming and water safety skills, and help students tackle the things they find tricky.”

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6 Jun 2019