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Dog recreation area - coming soon to Plimmerton Domain

Plimmerton Domain Dog Recreation Area design

A fenced area for dog lovers and their pooches will be constructed at Plimmerton Domain this summer.

A dog recreation area in Porirua’s northern suburbs has been under discussion since the 2018/19 Annual Plan, and a similar facility opened in Ascot Park late last year.

A volunteer design group of vets, animal health specialists, local dog club members, the Plimmerton Residents’ Association and Porirua City Councillors, has met regularly with Council Parks staff to create a preliminary design and cost estimates.

In 2018 the community decided the location would be a portion of the north end of the Domain, split into three zones – high energy, low energy and a limited zone for owners and/or dogs that need a separate area. The limited zone is unique among dog exercise areas.

The design has paths, gates, drinking water, planting and landscaping, and even a dog shower should dogs get muddy in the wetter months.

Antonia Allum from the volunteer design group says it has been a long road but she’s thrilled to reach the end of the planning stage.

“What we’ve received is the fundamentals for an excellent dog recreation space for our dog-loving community, something that can attract people from all over New Zealand,” she says.

“Come next year we will have a well-designed place that we hope will be added to over time and be a safe, stimulating, social and community-focused area.

“The limited zone is a safe space that I’m particularly proud of – Porirua is leading the way here.”

Ms Allum is keen to form a working group to drive community-led responsibility for the park and hopes dog-owner behaviour will be self-policed.

Parks Manager Olivia Dovey says this is a great example of the Council and community working together to achieved a desired outcome.

“The feedback has been extremely positive after the opening of the Ascot Park dog exercise area, and there has been a thorough process to get to where we are now for the Plimmerton Domain project.

“The volunteer design group have worked hard to create an area that caters to many, encourages movement and have another spot in our city that dog-lovers can enjoy.”

On-lead rules will apply outside the dog recreation area. 

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3 Oct 2019