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From your Mayor - 12 September 2023

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I’m happy to provide you with a quick overview of some of the ongoing infrastructure projects shaping our city.

Recently, a significant project was completed at Aotea Lagoon. The $1.8 million work involved addressing contamination and odour concerns related to the old duck pond, with extensive efforts made to drain and de-fish the pond, and contaminated sludge removed. Additionally, an overhanging slip above Porirua Park was managed, with excavated material used for filling in the old pond. A grant of $120,000 from Waka Kotahi has also been secured to establish a portable pump track at the lagoon and is expected to be operational by the new year. Additionally, improvements to entrances and the southern lawn and events areas are planned, utilising the
$1m budgeted.

Efforts to enhance the city’s infrastructure include a comprehensive arboriculture programme aimed at managing tree-related risks across Porirua. Playground refurbishments, road resurfacing, footpath renewals, and the development of shared pathways are in progress. Notably, a $4 million state-of-the-art facility is being established for sorting and repurposing construction and demolition waste, in alignment with sustainable waste management practices.

We’re taking measures to improve pedestrian safety, particularly around schools. The School Safety & Pedestrian Crossing project involves constructing raised safety platforms near high-priority schools. This initiative aims to create safer crossings, slowing vehicle speeds, and improving overall road safety.

We are building a foundation for a resilient and prosperous Porirua and these projects are a testament to our commitment to enhancing the lives of our residents and ensuring the city’s sustainable growth. Your input and support are crucial in shaping the future of our community, so I thank you for your engagement and dedication to Porirua’s progress.

12 Sep 2023