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From your Mayor - 15 August 2023

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Among the many events I attend as Mayor, the annual Primary School Leadership Awards is one of my very favourites. It’s always heartening to see Porirua’s young leaders acknowledged for their contributions to school and community life. The awards, a collaborative effort spearheaded by Porirua’s Rotary Clubs (Porirua, Plimmerton, Tawa) and Porirua City Council, last week showcased the outstanding achievements of 60 local primary school students.

More than just a formal event, these awards are about valuing and validating emerging leaders who demonstrate through their actions the Rotary motto, ‘service above self’. These young leaders commit their time, energy, and skills to support others, demonstrating a genuine care for their schools and communities.

The selection process for these awards involved the thoughtful choice of two senior students from each primary school in Porirua, based on criteria like leadership, service, and role modelling. This year’s recipients include students from every eligible school across the city, from Adventure School, Bishop Viard College, Natone Park School, and many others, showcasing a diverse and impressive array of talents and accomplishments.

Since 2015, the Council has placed children and young people at the heart of our strategic planning. This is in recognition that we are one of New Zealand’s youngest cities, as well as one of the most diverse. If we are going to thrive and flourish as a community, our young people must thrive and flourish. These awards fit in nicely with this priority.

Sincere thanks to the Rotary Clubs, for organising this initiative and giving us the chance to celebrate these amazing young people.

I made sure to let award recipients know that, aside from their own friends, family and school networks, the entire Porirua community is cheering them on. We are proud of them, and excited about what comes next.

15 Aug 2023