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From your Mayor - 7 November 2023

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The general election and Rugby World Cup may have grabbed most of the headlines last month, but there was another contest under way that few would complain if it left a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth.

ChoctoberFest is Porirua’s annual celebration of chocolate-infused culinary creativity. Held throughout the month of October, it showcases local cafes and eateries who each draw inspiration from our very own Whittaker’s ingredients to compete in drink and baking categories.

It’s been great to see growth over time, not only in the number of participating businesses and customers (whose ratings determine the winners), but also in the diversity, creativity, and boldness of their offerings.

This year, Regal Shortbread Co., a popular home-based business on Discovery Drive in Whitby, clinched the coveted title in the baking category. Regal’s winning creation was a delectable chocolate meringue pie, triumphing over a dazzling array of muffins, terrines, mousses, biscuits, and scones.

The drink category was also fiercely competitive, with The Karaage Kid ultimately claiming the crown. Their Aunty Doris’s Thickshake, topped with amazing Black Doris plum cream and lemon and raspberry sherbet, was an outstanding entry among many offerings across the city. The Karaage Kid has, in a short time, made themselves one of the go-to places in Porirua with their wickedly good food.

Reflecting on the growth of Porirua’s café culture compared to just a few years ago is remarkable. ChoctoberFest provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase our ever-expanding roster of local cafes and culinary creators.

If you missed out this past month, make sure to mark October 2024 in your calendar. In the meantime, take the opportunity to explore the many outstanding local businesses who together are transforming Porirua from something of a culinary backwater into a thriving destination for foodies and coffee lovers alike.

7 Nov 2023