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Get prepared, people!

water tanks

Scott Martin, Porirua City Manager of Emergency Management, with one of the 25,000-litre tanks.

Three years on from the Kaikoura earthquake, Scott Martin wants to know: “How’s that emergency kit coming along?”

Porirua City’s Manager of Emergency Management says the Council is doing its part to ensure the city has various water sources to use in the aftermath of any potential disaster.

Council are looking to add to the existing 25,000-litre emergency water tanks dotted around the city

“We are getting to that point where reserve land and other strategic sites are being looked at,” Mr Martin says.

“People may see the tanks turning up in their neighbourhoods – Council will continue to do this work, because we see it as our responsibility to put in these measures for our residents.”

However, it is vital that each household is prepared in case of an emergency, Mr Martin says.

“I guess it’s easy to get complacent when we haven’t had a big shake or any major flooding for a while.

“After the Kaikoura ‘quake, there was a rush on water bottles and getting those emergency kits sorted, but I can guarantee that has dropped away.

“Each household needs to be prepared to look after themselves for the first seven days following an event. That’s enough food for you and your family including the pets, plus 20 litres of water, per person, per day.”

Water tanks of various sizes can be purchased from the Council - call 237 5089 for more information.

15 Nov 2019