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Green waste fees at Spicer Landfill to drop 23 per cent

green waste spicer landfill

While general charges at Spicer Landfill are set to increase, fees for dropping off green waste will go down by 23 per cent from 1 July.

The decision was made at yesterday’s meeting of the Wastewater Treatment Plan and Landfill Joint Committee.

Committee chair Councillor Geoff Hayward said the fee reduction was a positive for the environment as it should encourage more diversion of green waste.

“In times when costs are increasing across the board, it’s not often that we as a council get the opportunity to put fees down, so this feels like a double win – for both the wallet and the planet,” he said.

David Down, Porirua City Council Manager Water and Waste, said that 80 per cent of green waste taken to Spicer Landfill was by residents, using utes and trailers, rather than commercial operators. From 1 July, the cost per van or trailer load of green waste would drop from $37 to $28.50.

“We hope this will lead to even more people using Spicer as a way to dispose of green waste, where most of it is mulched on site and then take to a composting facility. The remainder left on site is used to help establish green cover over areas of the landfill not being used,” David said.

Meanwhile, the Committee agreed to increase general waste fees by 13 per cent. The fees are made up of operating cost, as well as central government’s waste levy and emissions trading scheme cost. Government is increasing in the waste levy by 20 per cent from 1 July, and the operating cost component will include a new charge to allow for additional air monitoring equipment.

Fees and charges for other Council services will be set as part of the Long-term Plan deliberations in June.

29 May 2024