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Make your vote count

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Our voting caravan will be out and about around the city - it's a great place to drop your voting papers or cast a special vote.

It’s time to vote.

The Local Elections 2019 are your chance to choose who you want to make the big decisions for our city, by voting for a Mayor and Councillors in the ward you live in.

If you’re enrolled, your voting papers and candidate information will arrive in the post.

There are lots of ways to find out more about the candidates, so you can decide who you want to represent you, says Council Manager Democratic Services Lynlee Baily.

“There are profiles on the Council website, and all candidates were given the chance to record a short video. It’s up to you to select who you want to be your voice at the Council table.

“Our website also has a list of events where you can meet and hear from candidates.”

It’s a good idea to vote early, Ms Baily says.

“Votes are counted on Saturday 12 October, and voting officially closes at noon that day – but if you’re sending your papers by post you need to do this by Saturday 5 October, which we’re calling ‘Vote Day’. This will make sure they are received in time to be counted.”

There are also lots of places you can drop off your voting papers, listed here

Look out for our Voting Caravan, which will be out and about in neighbourhoods around the city. This is a great way to drop off your papers or cast a special vote. Here's where you can find it.

24 Sep 2019