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With a new Māori ward coming it's time to look at the governance arrangements for Porirua.

New wards coming for the next council election

Porirua City Council recently voted to establish a Māori ward for Porirua City in the 2022 and 2025 local elections, so now needs to look at governance arrangements for the city as a whole.

The goal is to make sure Council provides fair and effective representation for individuals and communities, says Acting Democratic Services Manager Jack Marshall.

“In other words, we need to look at how many councillors we have, the areas or wards they represent, and more.

“We’re not reviewing the decision to establish a Māori ward – that’s already been agreed by the Council. But the creation of a Māori ward means our current wards will need to change.”

The first step in the representation review is getting public feedback to help shape the specific proposals that will follow, to make sure these are on the right track.

“We want your thoughts on how many councillors we should have, where they should come from and what your community of interest is,” Mr Marshall says.

At the moment you’re represented by a mayor and 10 councillors, elected from three general wards – but these need to change as the new Māori ward will alter the number of people in each ward.

“Under the Local Electoral Act, Council can decide to have any number of councillors between 5 and 29 (plus the mayor) to provide fair and effective representation for the city.

“It’s important to note that regardless of the number of councillors we have, the total amount paid to elected members remains the same, it is just split among more or less councillors.”

To find out more and give your feedback visit, or pick up a booklet and feedback form from the Council building in Cobham Court or any Porirua library.

Feedback on this stage of the review closes on 16 July, then Council will develop an initial proposal for formal public consultation.

“The Council is here to represent you – thanks for your help to make sure we’ve got the right mix,” Mr Marshall says.

5 Jul 2021