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Porirua City gives nothing to racism

News - Give nothing to racism

Above: Mayor Mike Tana (centre) walks with the community during the Waitangi Day march to Te Rauparaha park.

Porirua City is taking a stand against racism in New Zealand by becoming the first city to endorse a new campaign to tackle casual racism.

Porirua Mayor Mike Tana says he is proud to lead the city in supporting the Give Nothing to Racism initiative.

The campaign was developed by the Human Rights Commission to focus on the small acts of racism that we all let slide.

“We’re asking Kiwis to acknowledge that racism and prejudice starts small and it needs their support to survive. Every little bit counts, because when it’s fed, it grows,” said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

“We’re delighted to see Porirua City join some of New Zealand’s most beloved celebrities – from All Blacks to musicians to comedians – to give nothing to racism. They’re making a stand about the kind of country and people we are.”

Mayor Tana is calling on Porirua people to get behind the campaign and help stop racism from growing.

“Porirua is a multi-cultural city that values and celebrates diversity. It’s who we are and it’s part of what makes us special. We care about our people, and we want everyone to feel welcome here. What’s not welcome here is racism,” he said.

“We’re a young, courageous city and we’ll stand up for what’s right.”

It’s all the little things - the small, seemingly harmless acts, comments or jokes – that help feed racism, and we can all make a difference. It’s about respect.” Mayor Tana said.

People can check out to find out more about the campaign or make a personal video of support.

7 Aug 2017