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Porirua Park gets high-tech TLC

Glen Smith at Porirua Park

Porirua City Turf Manager Glen Smith at Porirua Park, where Mexted Performance Sports Surfaces are upgrading the drainage.

One of the top sports grounds in the region is getting some much-needed post-winter tender loving care, using a unique piece of engineering equipment.

Porirua Park is being furrowed by Mexted Performance Sports Surfaces, which will ensure the ground gets the care it needs to regenerate this summer.

After a winter load that had more than 60 games on it, including the Wellington Rugby League finals day, it is imperative that repair work is done.

With no summer sport planned, now is the perfect time to get the drainage upgraded and the grass re-sown, Porirua City’s Turf Manager Glen Smith says.

“It’s a brilliant surface we have here, with a good reputation, and we’re committed to keeping it that way,” he said.

“Mexted’s are using some cool equipment and I know they’re happy to be applying it to a park that many of them know well, being they’re a Porirua company.”

The cool piece of equipment is the twin-wheeled sand-slitter, developed in-house by Mexted and known as the SWM 200. Before this was developed, it would take a full week to sand-slit a senior sports field – Porirua Park is likely to take a little more than two days.

Mexted have cut grooves right across the park, after which gravel and sand will be put in, in order to strengthen the ground above and below.

Once completed, it is a job that may not need to be done for at least another decade.

Smith says any grass or dirt left over after the work will be recycled onto some of Porirua’s other grounds.

29 Oct 2018