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Recycling tips for lids


Your awesome recycling efforts are making a real difference – thanks, Porirua!

Sometimes it’s the little things that get in the way of getting recycling right – things such as lids on your recyclable containers, glass bottles and jars that shouldn’t be in any of your recycling bins.

The golden rule is that if it’s smaller than a credit card, don’t put it in your recycling.

Plastic and glass bottles – lids off, they’re rubbish

Lids must not go into your recycling bin – you should put them into the rubbish. Unfortunately, there is no market for these plastics and our sorting facility will not accept them. If you want to recycle your lids, you can still do it – just sign up for the lid collection trial at the Sustainability Trust in Wellington:

So, please remember to remove the lids before popping your plastic 1 and 2 bottles in the yellow, mixed recycling bin and take off any lids of your glass bottles and jars before placing them in the blue, glass recycling bin.

Screw-on pumps or trigger sprays should also be removed and placed in your rubbish bin or, better yet, re-used if possible.

Tins and cans – lids inside

If you are recycling your tins, please be mindful that the sharp edges of the lids can harm our sorters, who do this important job by hand – we want to keep them safe.

Be a legend and tuck the lids of cans inside the tins before you put them in your recycling bin.

Extra gold stars if you squash the tins down to keep the sharp lids safe inside!

Find out more about recycling right go to:

22 Mar 2022