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Rubbish dumping wastes ratepayers' money

Bradey's Bay dumping

Rubbish dumped at Bradey's Bay car park, between Paremata and Pauatahanui.

Rubbish dumped in public places in Porirua over the weekend has cost ratepayers hundreds of dollars in landfill fees to dispose of it.

Household items were dumped at the Bradey’s Bay car park between Paremata and Pauatahanui, on a berm in Albatross Close in Whitby, and on Grays Rd. Rubbish included a couch, mattress, bed framing and a rubbish bin.

However, the Grays Rd mess was cleared before the Porirua City Council streetworks team could remove it on Monday morning.

Still, the removal of the rubbish from the other two sites constituted at least two hours’ work for Council employees who could have been doing other work keeping our city tidy, and would cost hundreds of dollars in fees to take it to Spicer Landfill.

Dumping rubbish in public is illegal. If you have information about the items dumped over the weekend, please call the Council on 237 5089, so any disposal costs can be passed on to the culprits.

If you spot any rubbish dumped in public and believe it could be dangerous, toxic or a risk to public health, phone the police on 111. Otherwise contact the Council or use the free Antenno app to report it.

13 May 2019