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Siren battles create headache in Porirua

Council understands and sympathises with the frustration caused by siren battles taking place in Porirua, and is doing what it can to address the issue.

Porirua Mayor Anita Baker says Council has been working closely with Police and Greater Welllington Regional Council (GWRC) as this is not something any of the parties can solve on their own.

“We know how tough this is on residents, and we’re doing all we can, but we have limited powers to stop this kind of activity happening. We’ll continue to work with all the parties involved – including the siren clubs – to try to find solutions.”

Siren battles are often on private property or business land not owned by Council, or in moving vehicles. The parties are working together to look at alternative venues.

“Often the sirens and noise are spontaneous, and we can’t control where this happens.”

Council can only issue parking or noise infringements for stationary vehicles. Once vehicles are moving it becomes a matter for Police.

While Council can take and respond to noise control complaints, those teams are not equipped to disperse large congregations of people or vehicles. Again, this is where Police become involved.

Council has reiterated to landowners (including Metlink/GWRC that are responsible for the train station) that there is a duty to avoid unreasonable noise.

“Police have told us that they are doing extra preventive patrols, when resources allow. Community patrollers are also being more active around the Porirua train station”.

Police will take enforcement action against offenders when they are apprehended, and will seek to identify anyone who has stolen speakers from various locations (though these can readily be bought in stores).

“We’ll continue to work closely with Police and GWRC on this and want to reassure residents that we are doing what we can. Please keep reporting excessive noise to Police and lodge it with Council noise control and we’ll keep at it.”


Since March we’ve had complaints across 11 dates (some may have had multiple calls).

In the six months prior to that (October 2022 to March 2023) we had 106 complaints lodged.

25 Oct 2023