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Tipping trailers restricted at Spicer Landfill

Tipping trailer, number plate blurred

For safety reasons, there are new restrictions in place for the use of tipping trailers at Spicer Landfill.

Landfill operators EnviroNZ have recently concluded an investigation into a serious accident at the landfill's refuse transfer pit (RTS) last year involving a tipping trailer.

For a tipping trailer to be operated, the safety barriers that stop people from falling into the RTS have to be opened. The accident occurred when a member of staff fell into the pit while helping unload a tipping trailer with the safety barriers open.

The investigation found that the practice of opening the RTS safety barriers to allow access for a tipping trailer was unsafe. As a result the tipping mechanism on tipping trailers will not be able to be used at the RTS. The trailer itself can still be used but must be unloaded manually, like a fixed trailer.

10 Apr 2024