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Water shortages loom


There’s a real risk that water shortages will be on the cards this summer, Wellington Water has warned.

A hot and dry summer, combined with population growth, increasing leaks and relatively high water use in the region compared to other cities, will put pressure on water, Porirua Mayor Anita Baker says.

“This is a risk the mayors and councillors across the region are taking very seriously.

“We’re currently on Level 1 restrictions, but increases are likely. Our water use goes up in the summer, and we have water stored up, but if we keep using at the levels we are, our back-up supply could go too quickly. This leaves us vulnerable as summer goes on.

“The only effective tool we have is for everyone to play their part in reducing day-to-day water use.”

Residents can start making simple changes now, such as:

  • Shorter showers (each minute uses up to 18L of water)
  • Put recycling in the dishwasher instead of rinsing
  • Turn off tap while toothbrushing
  • Store water at home in case restriction levels rise.

At Level 1, sprinkler use is split between odd and even-numbered houses each day. Level 2 would be a ban on all sprinklers, with only hand-watering allowed.

“People don’t realise we’ve narrowly avoided Level 3 (a total outdoor water ban) or Level 4 (outdoor ban and heavy reductions on indoor use) water restrictions these past two summers because of cyclones bringing significant rain, but this summer looks different,” Mayor Baker says.

Keep an eye on Wellington Water’s website and Porirua City Council’s Facebook page for further updates.

21 Nov 2023