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Wheelie bins for recycling to roll out in Porirua

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Wheelie bins will replace crates for kerbside recycling in Porirua City next year.

Under a new service due to start on 1 July 2018, the Council will provide two recycling bins for residents – a 240 litre bin for general recycling and a separate 140 litre bin for glass, more than double the current capacity of our recycling crates.

Mayor Mike Tana says Porirua people have been asking for wheelie bins and when the current recycling contract came up for renewal the opportunity arose to make it happen.

“With increasing costs for the current recycling service we’ve been able to make the move to wheelie bins for the same amount it would cost to stick with crates,” he says.

“You told us you’d like wheelie bins for recycling, but you also want us to keep costs down so this is a win win – a better service for the same cost.”

Because the wheelie bins are bigger than the current crates they won’t need to be collected as often, which helps keep costs down. The general recycling bins will be collected fortnightly and the glass bins every four weeks. Separating glass from other recyclables is safer for residents and collectors and the bins will remove the need for heavy lifting.

“You also told us wheelie bins are easier to use – items don’t need to be bundled up and you can fit a lot more in. But as well as being more convenient for most residents, the use of wheelie bins should see an increase in the amount of recyclables collected – so the planet is winning too,” he says.

“Wheelie bins also stop recycling blowing around the streets on windy days, and that’s a real plus,” says Mayor Tana. “While many of you will be looking forward to the new bins we appreciate they may create issues for some residents and these will be addressed next year when the bins are rolled out.”

Rubbish collection is a separate contract and will not be affected by these changes.

8 Dec 2017