The Story of Te Manawa

Te Manawa is the new name for our city centre, gifted to us by Ngāti Toa Rangatira

A pou (pictured above), carved by Ngāti Toa's Hermann Salzmann is a central focus of Te Manawa.

In keeping with our strategic partnership with Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira, the Council approached Ngāti Toa to gift a name for our city centre which is undergoing a major revitalisation. 

In 2012, our community asked that we help make our city centre a place they can be proud of – that will provide a better business environment and will make visitors feel welcome. To make this happen we’re in the process of a 10-year, $21 million city centre revitalisation project and the name Te Manawa represents another step in this journey.

Te Manawa means "a central place where many people gather and their hearts beat as one". 

The name has been gifted to Porirua City by Ngāti Toa Rangatira, our mana whenua, to describe our city centre and its exciting transformation. 

The gifting of Te Manawa is a symbol of the strong, enduring partnership between Ngāti Toa and Porirua City. 

The name reflects our vision of a city centre that is the vibrant heart of our community, now and for future generations. 

Te Manawa is the area from the entrance to our city onto the harbour, from Titahi Bay Road to Porirua Stream and everything in between. 

It is the central place that connects all the villages that make up our city. 

Everybody who lives or works here, or loves this place can join in, contribute, and be part of the exciting changes happening to Te Manawa.

Te Manawa

pūtake o tōna kaha,

rere ana i te ngākau

ki ō tātou hapori ngangahau,

tuitui ana i a tātou.

Te Manawa: nā tātou tōna āhua,

āianei, āpōpō.

Ko te ngākau ia me te wairua, ko tātou.

Te Manawa te kaha me te rākei,

e awhi nei e awe i a tātou.

Nāna i hono ai tātou ki Porirua,

kia kite i ngā ara hōu.

Tere ana anō te toto ora o ngā hapori

kaha ana te wairua o te pā.

Nā tātou te tikanga – kia tū tō te ngākau i pai.

Mō te iwi a Te Manawa. Ko te iwi.

Rātou e noho nei, e mahi nei, e hanga pakihi nei,

ngā tamariki me ngā reanga tū mai

ka kawe mai i te ngākau auaha, te kaha, te kakama:

Nō rātou a Te Manawa,

Nō tātou a Te Manawa,

Ko tātou a Te Manawa.

Te Manawa, kapakapa manawa o Porirua. 

Te Manawa is the heartbeat of Porirua,

the source of its energy,

flows from the heart

into our vibrant communities,

drawing us together.

Te Manawa: we make it what it is,

and what it will be.

It’s our heart and soul, it’s us.

Te Manawa energises and enriches,

nurtures and inspires us.

It reconnects us with Porirua,

to realise new opportunities.

The lifeblood of our communities flow quicker

and our city’s soul grows stronger.

We set the pace – we will be whatever we want to be.

Te Manawa is for people. It is people.

Those who live, work and build businesses here,

our children and generations to come

will bring their creativity, energy and initiative:

Te Manawa is theirs,

Te Manawa is ours,

Te Manawa is us.

Te Manawa is the heartbeat of Porirua.